Cooperation hangs card how to judge whether is conscience intermediary?

2022-06-10 0 By

This should be a question on the minds of all certified people.Today, xiaobian will answer them one by one.(1) From the perspective of professionalism (good professionalism means that the company has a good training system and a good process system) (2) from the perspective of professional experience (there are many old birds or new people) (3) Whether the price given is inflated or inflated.(The price is inflated, more than ten thousand, basic is deceptive, behind generally have pit waiting for you.The price is too low, it is said that the agency does not have many quality clients, or the agency has eaten part of the difference.Where does the profit come from?I think it is very old and narrow, which shows that the survival ability of this company is poor. Can we cooperate for a long time?(5) Work efficiency, procrastination, poor conduct, wechat phone does not return for a long time.Neither can be trusted.(6) look at the user comments, Baidu intermediary company name, plus black intermediary, black heart, unscrupulous cheating and other words.(7) On-site inspection when signing the contract.