Community organization of Changzheng Street Railway to study “Anti-drug Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Anti-Drug Regulations of Gansu Province”

2022-06-10 0 By

In order to further increase the anti-drug publicity and education efforts, improve the ability of community staff to identify drugs, anti-drug, anti-drug “and mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the anti-drug struggle, recently, the Long March street railway community organization focused on learning the” Law of the People’s Republic of China “” Gansu Province anti-drug Regulations”.At the meeting, the party secretary of the community led the anti-drug Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Anti-drug Regulations of Gansu Province, and carried out in-depth interpretation item by item, and studied the anti-drug publicity and education, legal responsibility and other relevant contents seriously.Rui Wensheng, secretary of the Community Party Committee, asked: First, to strengthen the study, understand the content, constantly improve the ability of drug control, adhere to the combination of laws and regulations and practical work, better carry out the work of drug control;Second, cadres and workers should firmly establish the awareness of drug control, resolutely develop healthy and civilized living habits, and actively participate in drug control activities, so that the concept of “everyone is responsible for anti-drug” deep in the hearts of people;The third is to strengthen the publicity of drug control, so that the broad masses have a clearer understanding of the harm of drugs to the whole society, enhance the ability of the whole people to recognize drugs, protect drugs and resist drugs, establish the determination to consciously resist drugs, expand the mass basis for the fight against drugs, and form a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in drug control.Through the study, we further understanding to the current of the severity of the anti-drug work, think the drug laws of the People’s Republic of China, regulations on the prohibition in gansu province as the basic unit of anti-drug work provides strong support, in the future to increasing study, implement and promote the drug laws of the People’s Republic of China, regulations on the prohibition in gansu province,We will effectively do a good job in drug control and achieve results.(Editing by Hong Mei Kang Reviewed by Wensheng Rui)