Take the initiative to take a salary cut for KD to join the Warriors, the original dream sacrifice, this he held for six years

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Take the initiative to cut salary for KD to join the warriors, the original dream sacrifice the biggest, this he hold back six years!It is well known that Kevin Durant, the league’s biggest killer, made a fortune in the three years he joined the Golden State Warriors.Three finals, two championships and two FMVPS!The reason why he finally chose to leave the Warriors for the Nets in the summer of 2019, besides feeling that there was no challenge to win a title in the Warriors, must be directly related to the conflict on the court before Drayton Green.Although both of them denied it afterwards, it was obvious that there was more or less a relationship.During the 2018-19 regular season, Durante and Draymond exchanged words during a game against the Clippers, in which Draymond said, “We were champions before you came!”Destroyed the idea of Durant returning to the Warriors this offseason.Durant is sensitive enough, but he couldn’t get past him even if he wanted to.As we all know, the Warriors failed to win a third straight title in the 2019 playoffs, losing 4-2 to the Toronto Raptors in the Finals amid a slew of injuries.Durant goes to Brooklyn in the offseason, and the Warriors dynasty falls apart.We all want to know what happened between Kevin Durant joining the Warriors and his departure.Recently, Warriors forward Draymond Green talked about not signing a bigger contract in order for the Warriors to get Kevin Durant.”I called [GENERAL manager] Bob Myers after we lost in the 2016 Finals and said, ‘What can I do to get Kevin Durant?’Because I know my previous contract wasn’t that big. When I signed my first $82 million contract, I actually took less money than I deserved, so we were able to give KD a Max.The biggest contract I could get was $85 million, and my agent asked me how much I would be happy with.I wrote 82 on the paper.He said, ‘Ok, circle it.We won the 2015 championship a year ago.But we can’t keep winning championships if we don’t improve.So, I thought, ‘We have a chance to get Kevin Durant, and I’ll take it.’I knew what I wanted in advance and clearly.”.That said, Draymond took a pay cut to help the Warriors recruit Durant so that the warriors could offer him a Max contract.That said, Drayma was the biggest sacrifice in the Process of recruiting Durant, because he made the financial concessions that led to Durant’s signing, which led to the Warriors’ two championships in 2017 and 18.Now six years have passed, it is not easy to tell what I have been holding back for so long.Thus, it turns out that drayma is the one who has made the most sacrifices for the warrior totem over the years, and he has to bear the doubts and accusations of the outside world.What do you think about this?Feel free to comment in the comments section!