Notice on urgent search for close and sub-close contacts

2022-06-09 0 By

About emergency for close contacts, close contacts of notice it a came on April 4, 2022, Shanghai to the authors of xiangcheng a passing cars drive personnel zhang so-and-so (new crown asymptomatic infections), quick, in luo river west expressway service area to service hall outside first boiling furnace after boiling water, after eating instant noodles outside the hall.In order to effectively protect the health of the general population, please stay at the time and place mentioned above or those who have contact with Zhang or have crossed paths. Do not contact anyone, and immediately contact the Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and Control in the Source and Destination area at 03951-6986835.At the same time, they called the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, township (street office), village (neighborhood) or work unit immediately, stayed at home, and cooperated with nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control work.Office of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control Headquarters, Yuanhui District, Luohe City. April 6, 2022