China’s women’s football team pulled off a miracle 6-5 win over Japan to advance to the Final of the Asian Cup without the broadcast rights of CCTV

2022-06-09 0 By

China beat Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to reach the Asian Women’s Cup final for the first time in 14 years after coming back from a two-goal deficit in the absence of Wang Frost.The People’s Daily also praised the Chinese women’s soccer team as an example of indomitability.Indeed, the Chinese women’s football team’s hard work and perseverance on the field moved everyone when they were not expected.People’s Daily Sports said in an article that the Chinese women’s football team was not dominant in the absence of wang Shuang, the main force of the team. But the girls’ fighting spirit and professional attitude deserved praise.Trailed twice, came back twice in 120 minutes and finally won on penalties.The Chinese women’s football team has set an example of what kind of attitude a strong player should take.But ironically, the Chinese women’s football team gave them a good lesson when the Chinese men’s football team lost to Vietnam and Japan in a row. CCTV didn’t live broadcast the miracle match because it didn’t have the right to broadcast it, so we still saw it on the Mi Goo video!Today’s news that the women’s football team advanced to the final is hot on Weibo, but I hope the country can give more financial support to the development of The Chinese women’s football team, so that the women’s football team can return to the top of the world, the strength of the time of Sun Wen, Liu Ailing and Gao Hong.Like frost king said: “when you support the women’s point of view is not to men’s soccer, what time is your support can see not only in the national team in the us, there are other club football players in the game and give them playing down the significance of the Chinese women’s soccer team in the future we will be really strong.”Wang Shuang did not say that because the Chinese women’s football team achieved a little success, she just hoped that all walks of life can fundamentally support the Chinese women’s football team, although the men’s football team is indeed worse than the Chinese women’s football team in terms of spirit.The Chinese women’s football team is so good today. After advancing to the final, they will play against South Korea in the final the day after tomorrow, February 6th.We Chinese girls play Korean women’s football team, or have some psychological advantages.I hope the Chinese girls will continue to surprise us the day after tomorrow.Be sure to watch the women’s final at 19:00 on February 6th at the D.Y. Pattir Stadium in Navi Mumbai, India.After reaching the final, the Chinese women’s soccer team will receive a prize of 500,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to 3.2 million YUAN. If they win the championship, they will get a bonus of 1 million US dollars. Wish the Chinese girls good luck and knock 6.4 million yuan out of the prize money.Come on, sonorous roses!