8 shard shop mutation, Zhen Ji ice and snow waltz optimization raid, little Joe Big Joe has a good news

2022-06-09 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, king’s official skin shard mall and hero shard mall have ushered in a major update.In this update, shard has doubled the number of skins, for example, epic skin has 8.And will soon usher in the next mystery store update, this update is likely to be 8, after the update, the number of skin shard mall will be greatly reduced.In addition, the skin of Zhen Ji’s ice and snow waltz was finally announced this month, and the optimization progress of this skin will be revealed again this month, which may be the last time.Then is big Joe small Joe’s white snake skin distance from the line is not far, these two skin has been optimized almost.What’s going on? Let’s take a look.Skin shard mall is about to update the Spring Festival shortly before the update of the skin shard mall should be the most generous one, the shelves of epic skin and associated skin are very much, even the value of 2888 points coupons dark night niang and video game boy are also on the shelves, is very rare.But this is also because of the New Year, so will put so many skin all online fragment mall.Now the year is almost over, and the next Shard update is only a few days away.After the next shard update, there may not be as many skins and heroes to redeem, and the quantity and quality of skins will be greatly reduced.Zhen Ji ice and snow waltze optimization raid this month will usher in the exposure of the optimized skin there are three, two of them farewell My Concubine is the first time to expose the optimization scheme, when the time will also have to choose the player vote, so the two skin in a short time will not be optimized to complete, also don’t worry.And Zhen Ji’s ice and snow waltz in the 14th number of 18 days, which is valentine’s Day limited skin on the shelves that day, this skin will be revealed to optimize the progress.And farewell my Concubine is different, this skin this time should be the last time to break the news, the previous several times this skin optimization progress has been broken almost, so this time there will not be too much of the news content, it is estimated that will break the skin shelf time and so on.So far, several skins have been optimised to epic quality, with some success.For example, earlier dragon Knight, later maid coffee, and last year’s Fruit Sugar and recently launched The Qiang Wei Treasure Pavilion and the upcoming completion of the ice waltz.In the future, we can expect more and more brave skins to be optimized and upgraded to epic quality.Xiaoqiao, Big Joe has a good news in addition to the above skin optimization, the official before there are a lot of skin have been optimized, but did not get the recent news, which optimized for the longest time on the number of green snake.However, some netizens recently said that these two skins may be optimized and launched in the near future. In the previous optimization, the design draft, original painting posters and modeling of these two skins have been optimized respectively, but this skin did not say that special effects will be optimized.Therefore, the only thing left for these two skins is the perfection of modeling and the optimization of the finished product design of the poster.It has been three or four months since the last disclosure. It is estimated that these places have been optimized for such a long time, so they should be online in the near future.Kerr said that the skin fragment mall during the Spring Festival is the most popular one in the whole year, so if there is a skin you like, you should exchange it quickly, otherwise you will have to wait for a long time, and there is no such a good opportunity.Zhen Ji’s ice and snow waltz is only a small step away from the online, until this month after the disclosure, at most half a month, this skin should also be online, without this skin players can advance in the shard mall exchange this skin.Cyan white Snake is also about to be optimized, but these two skins are only optimized for modeling the original painting, not for special effects.