1 hour!Qinyuan police helped the lost boy find his home

2022-06-09 0 By

Yellow River News Changzhi news (reporter promotion correspondent Zhang Yu) On February 16, Qinhe police Station qinyuan County Public Security Bureau quick police, through wechat circle of friends to release information and other means, 1 hour to help the lost boy find home.At 17:00 on the same day, the police received a 110 order saying that a boy could not find his parents near the Qinyuan County gymnasium.After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene, the cold weather, the little boy’s face was red with cold, crying.The police hurriedly took the child back to the police station to keep warm, carefully pacify the child’s emotions, and patiently ask the relevant information, because the child is too young to remember his parents’ contact information.Therefore, the police sent the boy’s appearance information and lost situation to the wechat circle of friends, community police wechat group, and contacted all kindergartens in the area through the parents wechat group to help find.After an hour’s effort, police finally got in touch with the boy’s mother.The boy’s mother was so excited to see him that she thanked the police repeatedly.Police remind: out of the house, please be sure to take care of their children, try not to let them out of their sight.In addition, parents had better let children remember the contact information of adults, if lost, please immediately seek help from the police.