When the factory started to issue a red envelope of 100 yuan to open the door, it was deducted from the salary, and the workers were mad!

2022-06-08 0 By

On February 12, something left people speechless in Foshan, Guangdong province.A factory gave its workers a red envelope of 100 yuan to start work, but the 100 yuan had to be deducted from their monthly salary.When the workers opened it, they found 100 yuan in cash. Before they could be happy, they heard that the 100 yuan would be deducted from their salaries at the end of the month.After hearing this, the workers became angry and thought that no red envelopes were better than this.Some netizens said it was the first time I had heard that the red envelope was deducted from my salary. This is a typical case of paying for something.More netizens agreed with the workers, saying they should not play if they can’t afford it.This thing is really speechless and disgusted. The red envelope given to employees is deducted from employees’ wages. This is to get employees’ sense of identity and belonging to the factory.Now this is counterproductive.If you want to really let employees have a sense of belonging, it is suggested to learn or learn from some of the practices of large factories.