Three ministries and departments announced a list of smart, healthy and elderly care model enterprises in 2021, with “Datong Helping the Elderly” on the list

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After being recommended by competent authorities, reviewed by experts and publicized online, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Health Commission recently announced the 2021 Smart Health Pension application pilot Demonstration list, and Datong Help for the Elderly Health Insurance Co., Ltd. was included in the smart Health pension demonstration enterprise list.Datong Health Care For the Elderly Co., LTD., with the purpose of actively responding to the national population aging strategy, adheres to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, sets up a RESEARCH and development center to tackle technical problems, and develops 398 smart home care cloud platform and “398 Intimate Care” intelligent equipment for the elderly with independent intellectual property rights.398 Smart home care cloud platform adopts advanced five-tier technical architecture and modular design concept, which can meet the high scalability of the platform and realize personalized customization needs and continuous iterative upgrading of functions.”398 close protect” with the help of artificial intelligence technology, mobile communication technology and cloud computing technology, has realized the elderly is simple and easy to use, only need to two seconds, five heavy technology orientation, six can be realized by heavy fall in the intelligent judgment, buttons and alarm automatically start after voice calls, after recording the whole process, micro reliance when connected family 6 big functions,The accuracy of accurate judgment and independent recognition is more than 98%.In 2018, taking Datong as the third batch of pilot cities in the reform of home and community elderly care services as an opportunity, “Datong For the Elderly” focuses on solving the “digital divide” problem that the elderly encounter in modern society, using the unified management and comprehensive and open smart home and community elderly care service platform,Relying on the “398 good protect” intelligent terminal equipment, 398 wisdom helpage pension cloud platform, call centers and community service station and helpage waiter, for old people to build an online and offline seamless docking services, build up a community home linkage, medical pension unite, online connected kang raise industrialization service system.At present, “help, help shopping, help food, help medical, help clean, help walking” “six help” services have been fully implemented.In September 2021, “Datong For the Aged” was listed by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the first batch of demonstration cases (14) using intelligent technology to serve the elderly.On January 8, 2022, the “Shanghai 398 Smart Elderly Service Operation Center” jointly built by “Datong Helping the elderly” and Shanghai “Small Access” was officially launched, and simultaneously opened the first intelligent filial fast assistance service line in Shanghai.It provides more than 200 home services from 6 aspects including emergency assistance, medical assistance, food assistance, shopping assistance, cleaning assistance and walking assistance.Reporter Di Dongfang directed Wang Yu