Jinan Licheng Second Middle School held the Spring Festival opening ceremony

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On the afternoon of February 18th, all the teachers and students of Licheng No.2 Middle School gathered in Wenshao Art Museum to hold the opening ceremony of the second semester of grade 2, which was presided over by Mr. Zhang Jinbao, director of grade 2 Senior Department.At the meeting, Zhang Jinbao, the director of the new semester sophomore students how to do a detailed analysis, he proposed: to build a good maintenance of the learning ecological subject, establish a sense of time, awareness of competition, awareness of goals, awareness of planning, standardization of details and awareness of summary, reflection and improvement.Make future plans, plan the study of the second semester of the second year of senior high school, and decompose the completion period;Set long-term goals and develop skills and habits.1. What are my goals for today?2. What are my core goals for today?3. What is the most important thing for me today?What new things am I going to learn today?5. What didn’t I do better yesterday?6. How can I do better today?1. Did I accomplish my small goals today?2. Did I get close to my big goal today?What new things have I learned today?4. What didn’t I do well today?5. How can I do better?6. What are my goals for tomorrow?Success is a habit, failure is also a habit.You can’t change your habits, but you can replace them with good ones.Success is simple, just do the simple things repeatedly, form a habit, that’s all.Every successful person has a beginning, the courage to start, to find the way to success!Youth looks so perfect, there is no leisure to waste time, cherish and work hard in this age of study!Educator Tao Xingzhi once said, education is to develop habits.Hardship is the nutrient of one’s growth.To endure hardship makes one’s life stronger, to endure hardship makes one’s will stronger.Strong learning action is always the first element of college entrance examination success!Grab every “minute” of your free time.Editor search photo text: Yuan Dongze Photo: Li Minrui Yuan Dongze Review: He Tianyu