Five billion light years from Earth, Hubble captures Einstein’s cross!I can’t imagine it exists

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Review today, short video effects on the software function has created numerous image effect, everyone only need to learn a simple operation, can immediately to the way they want to present all sorts of things, and before that, people wants to complete her image creation, perhaps only prism rainbow to make such a big trick.Far out in space, however, there is a mysterious image created by an effect called gravitational lensing, or Einstein’s cross, as predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity.The Einstein Cross is nearly five billion light years away, but that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to explore it.In essence, the cross is a special kind of imaging, relying on our computer technology can see as much as they want, but Einstein cross special is that it is accidental in the completely natural conditions, if god really exist, this is probably his impulse to do a small game.So what does physics say about Einstein’s cross?The source of this image is the huge gravitational pull from the foreground galaxy, and the raw material is the light from a quasar.It’s not only gravity and starlight that make Einstein’s cross possible, but also the fact that the quasar must be positioned directly behind the foreground galaxy in order to achieve the so-called gravitational lensing effect.So why is it called Einstein’s cross?Of lens imaging understanding friends should react quickly and the cross means four directions, so is actually four directions are formed the same imaging, as we are in the mirror to reflect a complete oneself, in many overlapping mirror can see a lot of your own, but Einstein cross are much more interesting.Such as the researchers found that, in fact, its brightness is not static, but can cause some changes from time to time, according to their speculates that the reason of this change is probably there exist some other luminous bodies throughout the galaxy, such as the additional impact of stars, the light can change the imaging effect to a certain extent.In his general theory of relativity, Einstein proposed the gravitational lens effect, and to explain, some light in the universe after meet special gravitational field, will be forced to bent, while the gravitational field is just like a mirror, turned to the light source the light, and projected onto a certain space.There are several levels of gravity involved, and in the case of Einstein’s cross, the quasar’s light is diverted in four different directions, and finally converging in one place to create this cross pattern that we see here.The discovery of Einstein’s cross was also a coincidence. It was first spotted by a scientist at the Harvard Center for Astrology, but the actual observation came much later, in the 1980s.It was a 2.1-meter telescope that eventually discovered the emergence of a light source, known as a quasar, and was able to determine the connection between the cross image and it, the first such observation in human history.In the fall of 1990, with the debut of the Hubble Telescope, we were able to capture a clear picture of the cross.To see from the photos, four spot were relatively equal, and brightness is more outstanding, speculation should be the effect of other stars, light source, starting from the Albert Einstein cross, we also ultimately found quasars and the place of the gravitational field, this case is the perfect way to verify the effect of gravitational lensing.According to Einstein, gravity itself is closely related to the warping of spacetime, as he clearly showed in his papers published in the early 20th century, and this warping occurs at will because of the mass of the object itself.From the microscopic point of view, it can be intuitively understood that in a uniformly distributed space of particles, there is an object that aggregates a large number of particles. Under the premise of uniform space-time, such aggregates will inevitably affect the homogeneous situation itself.The specific performance is to change the original distribution state of matter, which is the bending of space-time. At this time, if there are other objects passing through this space, they will be forced to change their motion track.It’s like when we suddenly come across a pit, if there is no other choice, we have to go into the pit first and then climb out.In the case of gravitational lensing, the passing object is light, which may not seem to exist at all, but it contains enough particles for spacetime to be forced to deflect when spacetime suddenly bends. In this way, the image takes place.In fact, when Einstein proposed the theory, it has been done, approach is in the event of a total solar eclipse, observe the light of the sun behind the phenomenon of bending, and calculating the value of the size of the change, to check and conform to the general theory of relativity, but until the Hubble space telescope, a validation is really full implementation.Conclusion The image of Einstein’s cross itself is not special for us, the special place lies in the occurrence of such a coincidence, put in place such a gravitational field and the existence of quasars, can create such a spectacle, really people have to praise the wonderful universe.