Announced female aging “accelerator”, frequent shampoo row 4, the first many sisters often do

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Time is like a quiet thief, and soon, gradually, we have to come to the cold door before the door of graduation, work, marriage, birth, old age and death.”Life, old age, illness and death” is a topic that everyone can’t avoid. When you really understand the choice of life and death, you will be more clear about what you really want.Every happy things people are willing to accept, and sadness and distress is just hit, people often lament the unfortunate life, fate is unfair, in fact, want to think carefully, this life and death coexist in the world, as long as can live in the world, it is called a beautiful world, we are happy.Aging refers to the progressive decrease of the body’s ability to adapt physically and mentally to the environment and the gradual trend toward death.Aging can be divided into two categories, one is physiological aging, one is pathological aging, physiological aging refers to the process of physiological degeneration after maturity, the latter is due to a variety of external factors caused by the aging changes.What are the signs of aging when the body starts to age?1, often feel dizzy in daily life, you can observe whether they often appear dizzy, especially after getting up in the morning, the phenomenon of dizziness is very serious, this matter we must be vigilant.Because when the blood circulation in our body is not smooth and blood vessel health decline, there will be this phenomenon, in daily life, the frequent occurrence of dizziness phenomenon, indicating that the blood vessels in the body has gradually and slowly aging.2, poor exercise ability when the body gradually began to aging, will gradually find their exercise ability is becoming worse and worse, and their muscle strength and some joints in the body and climbing stairs are particularly laborious, a little move will feel breathless.It means that the heart and lung function in your body has gradually gone downhill with the pace of time, and your body is no longer young.3, serious hair loss in the general normal situation, in daily life, everyone will appear slight hair loss serious phenomenon, generally in the morning when washing and combing hair.But if you find yourself losing too much hair — more than 100 strands a day — it could be a sign that all of your body’s functions are going downhill.4. The occurrence of constipation when the organs of the body are gradually aging, it is easy to cause the aging of the intestinal muscles. When the intestinal muscles are aging, the peristalsis capacity of the intestine will also slow down.Therefore, there has been a series of constipation phenomenon, some inconvenient secret population recently frequent constipation, it is likely to be a manifestation of intestinal aging.5, skin deterioration with the aging of the body, there will be a series of symptoms on the skin, such as long wrinkles and long brown spots, are a very common thing, in fact, this belongs to a normal physiological phenomenon, it is recommended that we accept optimistically.Your gums and teeth tend to recede as you get older. When you look in the mirror, you may notice that your teeth are longer than they used to be.Released female aging “accelerator”, regular shampoo row 4, often do a lot of sisters 1 1, long-term stay up bad living habits have a lot of people in daily life have formed the habit of staying up late, most of the young people less than 11 PM will not fall asleep, cell phone at 10 o ‘clock is too early to think of this time period, but year after year, day after day is spent in the middle of the stay up late.Staying up late for a long time will lead to endocrine disorders in the body, various organs and cell tissues will appear disorders, resulting in the body organs can not be self-repair for a long time, resulting in dry skin, thick pores, brown spots growth phenomenon.2, do not love to drink water is the source of life, everyone’s body has about 70% of the water, is needed to maintain the body of various organs and cells and tissues operation and growth.If the water in the body is too low, it will affect the normal metabolism of the body, resulting in a large number of garbage toxins and waste can not be discharged out of the body, affecting the health of gains and losses, accelerating the occurrence of aging.He is a female friend, after a certain age, will have strict requirements for their own body, they will adopt a variety of ways to achieve the goal of losing weight.However, excessive weight loss will cause malnutrition and excessive aging of organs in the body, and this way of weight loss will rebound after resuming the diet, so the doctor does not recommend everyone to use this method.4, wash a lot of female friends in order to keep a bright appearance, will wash the hair twice to three times a day, since timely shampoo can keep the hair a certain degree of cleanliness, but wash too tight will only aggravate the damage of hair roots and folliculitis.Cleaning the head will only lead to hair loss problems become more and more serious, so female friends do not wash their hair too often every day, generally wash once every two or three days, is a correct way.The fastest aging human body is the three “age”, 1, 30 to 35 years old body aging need to actively deal with, can give a person a young feeling, and the speed of aging age stage, also want to maintain a good habit, especially between 30 and 35 years old.This your stage just is male friend is in a kind of struggle stage, need physical activity more or often carry on mental work, struggle on the job post, rest time is not enough, never provide in time, plus often use the brain to think, will accelerate the aging of the body.The 45-55 years of age is an important time for the body to grow older, as most people begin to reach menopause during this time.As a result, the functions of some important organs in the body gradually decline, and hormone secretion also changes. Hormones in the body cannot be secreted properly to meet the needs of the body, and a series of aging characteristics usually occur.3. After the age of 65, the function of some of the body’s vital organs will decline as the body gradually ages at a faster rate.Especially the digestive system, the digestive system is not maintained well, the aging function is reduced, the absorption of nutrients is slow, but also cause indigestion and the lack of some nutrition diseases, so as to increase the origin of aging.Resist aging, state of mind is very important!First, we need to adjust our attitude and prepare for aging.This is a normal physiological development trend, must have the right mentality.The more negative the state of mind, the more will accelerate the arrival of aging, not as calm in the face of aging, but also make people appear younger.Secondly, in life, we should maintain good work and rest and eating habits. Long-term adherence to some good living habits can play a certain role in delaying the arrival of aging.It includes keeping enough sleep time, eating a light diet, eating more whole grains, not smoking and drinking, and taking exercise appropriately.These habits are effective to delaying the arrival of aging, are a few daily small details, as long as there is a heart, can be done completely.Must insist on for a long time, three days fishing two days drying net is not good effect.