Advice from an emotionally intelligent mother: Judge a man’s character by four things

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A woman will not be happy, and their other half has a great relationship, but how to choose their other half?Many people believe that as long as their partner is rich, money represents a rich material life, can meet their material needs, but happiness is not simple material satisfaction, more spiritual satisfaction.If we do not feel the spirit of happiness, even if there are many things, it is only external things, we also do not feel happiness.Choose the other half is very important, choose a highly fit with their soul of the partner, go through life, will make their life happy.So how do you tell if your partner is a good fit?It’s really a test of a man’s character. An emotionally intelligent mother told her daughter that you can judge a man’s character by these four things.The first thing: depending on his circle of friends, he has the kind of friends. If you want to know his character, you should depend on the friends around him. If he is surrounded by a group of loyal brothers, he is really willing to help.Then he must be a good person, why is the other person willing to help, just because he is also like this to others, to treat friends can be true to each other, let alone treat their other half?If the other party’s friends are all bad friends, are some fair-weather friends, when drinking, when there is a difficulty, walk away, friends are so irresponsible, let alone him?Even if he is not such a person, will he become such a person if he stays with these evil friends for a long time?He is as good as he keeps, and he is as good as he keeps.If he treats his friends well, he will treat his wife well, and he will be a good husband.The second thing: whether the other side respect you respect is divided into many kinds, but please is not a kind of respect, if before marriage, the other side every possible way please, even willing to put down the figure, this does not represent the other side respect you, respect you will not do so.Respect is status equality, if before marriage status inequality, so after marriage status will not be equal, there are many such cases, before she got married the other position is lower than girls, after the marriage, boys will try to change their position, finally into the status of the competition, when the status of male is higher than girls, girls will be a man’s revenge.When inequality begins, it is a failed marriage. Equality is the foundation of respect.Respect can also be reflected in details. Every time you make a decision, your partner will respect your advice and listen to your advice patiently even if they have different opinions. This is a real family.The third thing: the behavior of the other party at dinner table can tell a lot of things, not only the upbringing of the other party, but also the character of the other party. For example, if the food is served slowly, whether he will appear very dissatisfied, whether he will deal with the matter reasonably, whether he will communicate with others, all these can tell a person’s character.If he or she is impatient, you need to think about how he or she can take on the responsibilities of being a husband if he or she can’t wait a few minutes now.Even impatient, but also to consider whether the mood will affect you, if in front of you are not the slightest cover, do not care about your feelings, how dare you put their own happiness in his hands?If the other side even this small matter can not be successfully solved, unable to communicate with the shop owner, then the other side in the future life, encounter problems, can you communicate with you to solve the problem together?The fourth thing: see him can’t lie a man can’t talk without counting, even if it is a small commitment, also want to complete as far as possible, if a man only know how to draw flatbread, rhetoric, only deception to you, so this man’s really reliable?The most important thing for a man is to be dependable and trustworthy. If you marry such a man, your life will be happy and everything will be in your control.Girls most need is a sense of security, security is not to rely on cheating and get, but rely on the other side of the honest and reliable character.Say beautiful words who can, do beautiful things but few people do, choose their other half, to choose will do practical people.Men whose actions speak for themselves, even if they don’t speak for themselves, are more likely to be happy when they get married. They can see what their partner is doing and what their partner is trying to say.Marry a man of good character, his life will be happy, good character means that he knows how to respect you, know how to deal with interpersonal relations, do everything in a measured way, have their own bottom line, can stick to their own bottom line.We need to spend our time looking for the right man in the crowd, rather than just getting married and making ends meet.