Who knew Theshy could play like this?

2022-06-07 0 By

The two teams WBG and EDG have already attracted a lot of attention from LPL audiences before the start of the new season. It goes without saying that EDG, as the overall champion of S11, are also recognized as S+ teams.WBG also got a boost this year after Theshy joined the team, but we didn’t expect that the first time the two teams played each other in the spring would end up with WBG2:0 EDG, which was really unexpected.Doinb: Cheated by Theshy. I believe that not only did everyone feel too ridiculous after watching the match like I did, but even Doinb was hit hard in the face. Doinb always thought EDG was going to counterWBG before the match, but this BO3 performance was exactly the opposite of what he predicted.But Doinb also said that he was duped by Theshy, because he didn’t really expect Theshy to do something like that in two games at Level 1. To be honest, most of the audience should be watching Theshy, not to mention EDG.Theshy original new “anti-GANK” play this is not, the first game, Theshy start to help Sofm keep red BUFF, but also played the SAN gun brother flash, the results will not directly rushed to the EDG wild area, and JIEJIE into the bloody, but SAN gun brother finally came,I’m afraid JIEJIE can’t even eat the monster in the blue zone, so at that time I felt like, is this the new “anti-gank” play that Theshy knows he will be caught in the early stage and harass JIEJIE not to let him brush the wild?Is really the “don’t eat” to use to the extreme, not only can’t eat their own line, but also JIEJIE, holy gun brother two early can’t develop well.EDG gets hit by Theshy at the start of game 2, but this time Theshy targets Scout for harassment. A top 1 player appears in the middle and snips at Scout, which is a first for EDG.But then EDG seems to be Theshy this play to hit the head, JIEJIE, SAN gun brother two people want to force the tower to kill a full state full of skills of Gwen, the results can be imagined, not only did not kill Gwen, but also timely came Sofm took the head, after this wave, Gwen is a little can’t stop.Sofm has “Theshy manual” in fact, this BO3 down, really can see that WBG is currently one of the few teams with quite a good team, especially this ueno, in this BO3 EDG ueno to the end of the explosion.Sofm seems to be the first player since Ning to have the “Theshy manual”. However, the two rounds of the game were centered around the road, which made Theshy and Gerwin feel very comfortable. Finally, WBG was able to win the game easily.To be honest, Theshy, Sofm, the “bandit duo”, their next performance is really very exciting.What do you think about WBG?Welcome to interact with the dog in the following ~ want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the dog said game