Lin Zhiling has changed a lot since she married a Japanese!It’s a very different person

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Lin Chi-ling was born on November 29, 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan, China. She graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada.The family is also a rich second generation.Beauty, heart, sweet voice, the ageless goddess in the entertainment circle.She began her professional modeling career in 2000.In 2007, he made his screen debut in Red Cliff and formally entered the film and television field, appearing in many popular films and TV series.In 2011, she first challenged the stage play “Red Cliff – Love & War” in Japan, which also won both box office and acting praise. In 2019, her single “You and Me” won the “Charity Single of the Year” and “Best Crossover Artist” awards in the Global Chinese Charts. Lin Chi-ling’s husband is Yoshihei Kurozawa.Yoshihei Kurosawa was born on August 23, 1981 in Yamato city, Kanagawa Prefecture, JAPAN. He is a Japanese dancer, actress and member of EXILE and THE SECOND, a popular dance and singing group of LDH JAPAN.AKIRA and Lin chi-ling met in August 2011 when they co-starred in the stage play Red Cliff love.The two began dating in late 2018.AKIRA and Lin Chi-ling announced their marriage on June 6, 2019;They got married on Nov. 17 at a museum of Art in Tainan city.Lin Chi-ling has been living in Japan with Kurosawa Ryohei since her marriage, and Lin chi-ling has been almost rarely seen in the Chinese entertainment industry.There are no film and television programs, no variety shows, and even the micro blog is rarely updated!It’s the opposite of what it was when you weren’t married.In Lin Zhiling’s hard-won weibo status after her marriage, Lin Was photographed wearing Japanese service, smiling and dressed as a good wife and loving mother.Standard Japanese traditional women dress up, is really a big change!I can’t believe it.How I hope that Sister Zhiling is married to China, but also can always appear in the public eye, do not have to go away to Live in Japan!But there is no way zhiling sister has married a Japanese, can only silently bless her, I hope she had a happy!