Tian on behalf of Qi: Before Tian usurped Qi, why did the royal family of Qi take no precautions?

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In 516 BC, Yan Ying, chatting with The Duke of Qi, warned, “Although Tian has no merit or merit, he has bought people’s hearts and minds by making a big fight and entering a small fight. If Tian does not perish, the state of Qi will become tian’s state of Qi.”In 391 BC, Tian of the State of Qi “moved Duke Kang of Qi to the sea and ate a city in order to worship him”. The noble Lord of The state of Qi was reduced to si and driven to the sea by his ministers, which had to make people feel sad.Twelve years later, Duke Kang of Qi died, and Tian officially became the ruler of Qi.From the posthumous title of “Jing”, we can know that He was not a mean Lord. After Yan Ying’s warning, what measures did Qi Jinggong take to contain Tian?There were more than 100 years between Duke Jing of Qi and Duke Kang of Qi. After several generations of emperors, why did they not guard against Tian and let Tian take the place of Qi easily, especially after Yan Ying gave warning?In more than 100 years, the sovereigns of qi could support other families and even directly use force if they were to prevent and contain the alien Tian clan. Most of them could have eliminated the trouble of Tian clan. However, the fact is that Tian clan was successful and replaced Lu clan easily.So why did all the Kings of Qi go deaf and blind and watch Tian usurp the throne step by step?After the destruction of The Shang, King Wu conferred conferred on the outstanding officials and the previous Kings, among which the descendants of Yu Shun were conferred in the State of Chen.During the period of Duke Huan of Qi, internal strife broke out in the state of Chen. Duke Xuan of Chen killed the crown prince Yu Kou, and Chen Wan (son of Duke Li of Chen) was very close to the yu Kou, so Chen Wan fled to Qi.The duke of Qi Huan wants Chen To do “qing”, which is second only to the vassal’s position, Chen Thought he was dependent on others, not to do the hard work is lucky, how long wang Shu to do qi senior officials, so politely refused.Afterwards, Duke Huan appointed Chen Wan as the official of gong Zheng, in charge of all the gong zheng of qi, and awarded him land.In order to avoid the surname, Chen Wan changed to Tian.In the ancient pronunciation, Chen and Tian both pronounce dien, similar to dian, which is still spoken in Hokkien today.This change of surname is similar to the state of Song founded by Wei Ziqi, a descendant of the Shang Dynasty. Because the word “wood” under “Song” has the sound of “sang”, many ancient books of the pre-Qin dynasty refer to the State of Song as “Shang”.As an outsider, how did Tian gradually seize the military and political power of The State of Qi, abolish other big families of the state of Qi and even usurp the throne of the state of Qi in the following 200 years?First of all, it was hatoyama who occupied the magpies’ nest, and there was no precedent for the usurpation of the throne by a foreign official, except for the division of three families.From the Spring and Autumn period to the early Period of the Warring States Period, when “the king is more important than the people”, the monarch is the most noble, ministers must honor the king.During the Spring and Autumn Period, when meeting an enemy king on the battlefield, generals often made obeisance, and when Jin and Chu fought for hegemony, nothing could make jin meet the king of Chu on the battlefield, and then kill the enemy.After all, the power of Kings was not to be challenged and had to be respected, so no one thought ministers could usurp the throne, and few understood the use of buying people’s hearts.Yan Ying’s warning to The Duke of Jing of Qi was more about tian’s ability to control the sky as a super official of The state of Qi than about Tian’s ability to directly replace Lu.As the saying goes, “taking history as a mirror, one can know what is going on and what is going on.” When there is no precedent in history, it is difficult for the sovereign of The state of Qi to take precautions against Tian.On the other hand, if there had been many precedents, the sovereign of Qi would have been alerted and would not have allowed things to get out of control.Remember the United States before there is a movie called “The Birth of lies”, we can not lie, when the first person to tell a lie after the sweet taste, so continue to lie, and finally many people learn to lie.No one had thought of usurping the throne in this way before. After knowing this, wang Mang, one of tian’s descendants usurped the throne of Han, Sima usurped the throne of Wei, Yang Jian usurped the throne of Northern Zhou, and so on.Second, Chen Wan became the head of the Ministry of Industry. At that time, The commerce and trade of The State of Qi was developed, and Tian was in charge of the handicraft industry, so he made a lot of money, which was the economic foundation for Tian.After he became rich, The Tian family did not become rich and heartless, but bought people’s hearts. The most well-known one was “Big Dou out and small Dou in”, in which big Dou lent grain but small Dou took back grain. Besides, wood, salt and other goods were sold to the people at a fair price, which is what Yan Ying called “charity to the people”.After several generations of accumulation, Tian’s wealth, but not much power, political status is not high.As a matter of fact, it was very difficult for Tian, as an outsider, to occupy a place in the political field of Qi, unless he met a special historical period, when tian Wuyu, the fourth grandson of Chen Wan, appeared.The so-called special historical period is the outbreak of internal turmoil in Qi, so that Tian seized the opportunity to become a political dark horse.After that, in addition to fiercely attacking his political opponents, Tian not only continued to “give alms to the people”, but also “gave benefits to the nobles” and gave land and money to the gongzu and senior officials, forming a huge alliance of interests and gradually becoming the first family of The State of Qi. Even the King of Qi could not move and could not leave the Tian family.Third, the so-called fortress is the easiest to conquer from within. The political instability of Qi gave Tian the opportunity to rise, and Tian seized these opportunities and wiped out the other qi families one by one.When Duke Zhuang of Qi was in power, he had an illicit affair with the wife of cui Zhu, a high-ranking official. Then Cui Zhu, in a rage, killed Duke Zhuang of Qi and appointed Duke Jing of Qi.Not long after, Qing Feng, another official of The state of Qi, destroyed the Cui family in an internal rebellion. After that, Qing Feng’s arbitrary power intensified, causing dissatisfaction among many ministers.Therefore, the four families of Tian Wuyu, Bao (Bao Shuya family), Gao and Luan united together and destroyed the Qing Feng family. After that, Qi was ruled by gao and Luan.A few years later, Tian took advantage of the conflict between Luan and Gao to unite with Bao to defeat Luan, Gao and Guo successively, and tian’s power grew further.At the same time, Tian Wuyu recalled his exiled sons and grandsons to China and returned their fiefdoms and property, quickly gaining the support of the gong clan.When the duke of Qi was still alive, due to Yan Ying’s warning, he adopted Yan Ying’s suggestion of “governing the state with proprie”, and let scholars, farmers, and industry keep their posts and businesses, and the nobles were not allowed to offer favors beyond the fifidoms. In other words, he restricted Tian’s ability to buy people’s hearts and prevented Tian from further strengthening his power.However, Qi Jinggong failed to restrict Tian fundamentally, treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.There was a question. Since The Duke of Qi was worried that Tian’s tail was too big to fall, why didn’t he just get rid of tian?In fact, not don’t want to, but you can’t, because the political environment is the governors and nobles, total once some big noble to kill for no reason, so will provoke the aristocracy of panic, fear the unruly monarch would kill them, and nobles has fief, has its own army, so the monarch also dare not make a move.Fourth, with economic, political, and popular support, Jeon gradually took control of the removal of the king and kept a firm grip on power.After the death of Duke Jing of Qi, Tian immediately began to manipulate state affairs. First, Tian Qi, the son of Tian Wuyu, launched a palace coup and killed yan Ruzi, the sovereign of the state. Duke Dao, who succeeded Him, became the puppet of Tian and Bao.Secondly, Tian persuaded Duke Zuo to kill Bao Mu, and then instigated Bao to kill Duke Zuo, so that they hurt each other, which not only weakened the power of the royal family, but also abolished the only Bao family that could compete with Tian.Third, Tian Qi established duke Jian of Qi, but when Duke Jian of Qi tried to expel Tian, he was killed by Him. Later, Tian appointed Duke Ping of Qi and appointed himself tai Zai. Confucius said angrily, “Only names and instruments are not artificial persons.”Duke Ping of Qi was followed by Duke Xuan of Qi and Duke Kang of Qi, both of whom became puppets of Tian.To sum up, the chef is good at management, accumulated a lot of wealth, and because of “benefiting the people” and popular, it is the foundation of the rise of chef, chef after using qi worthies and the contradiction between the monarch and shifting alliances make mischief, will eliminate or weaken, qi other what eventually when chef is the only super family qi, fully grasp the monarch’s waste,It was natural for Tian to substitute qi, and qi could not be stopped.Of course, there was no historical precedent for usurping the throne, which was one of the key factors in Tian’s success.Tian told us that as a team leader, we should always pay attention to the checks and balances of power, preferably the benign checks and balances, rather than allowing one of our subordinates to dominate, otherwise it is likely to be replaced.