Talk about the new A4 hypothetical map in detail, “wide body sedan” too much

2022-06-06 0 By

New A4 spy photos also photographed a lot, although the use of a strong camouflage, but from the overall lines, edges and corners of the design can also be seen, but as for the camouflage material under the color, light and shadow effect and visual impact, not to learn art or very imaginative, it is difficult to imagine the final effect.Recently, some overseas media made a set of new cars in different colors according to the spy photos taken before.From the side view, the most obvious changes are the front bars, light sets, grille and the outline of the waist line.First of all, the entire front hood is much smaller. The advantage of this is that it makes the design of the front more holistic and highlights the visual impact of the front face.Of course, the lighting design becomes more elongated, with a vertical posture and sharp eyes.The interior grille is flatter, perhaps inspired by BMW, with the horizontal width of the grille expressing more movement.The car side, the waist line and cash A4 are reversed, cash is the front and rear wing sub-plate has a significant depression design, the new A4 is by adding the door convex design to achieve a similar effect, this will not appear too bloated, but also alleviate the aesthetic fatigue on the side, a very moderate approach.The new A4 will be built on the MLB Evo platform and will continue to be powered by cash.The last generation of fuel A4, and line and cherish it!