Students in Changsha received “privileged” red envelopes as they registered for the new semester

2022-06-06 0 By

“Congratulations on being one of the first to adopt a tree!””Congratulations on getting a chance to ask the headmaster’s mother to tell a heroic story!”…Students at Bocai Yunshi Primary School in Changsha, capital of central China’s Hunan Province, received a series of gifts on Feb. 12 when they registered for the New Year of 2022.On the scene of returning to school, students were delighted to find that the school’s red carpet extended to the school gate, and a red ancient city wall came into view, among which the four characters “Hu Hu Sheng Wei” were full of energy.There are couplets on both sides of the arch: “The forest is boundless and beautiful, and the auspicious clouds are splendid. In the age of the tiger, you have a blessed land of the new era.”It is reported that this is the principal mother of the antithetical couplet.Into the campus, students see the table on the dragon fruit, apple, orange, hami melon and other fruits, he (she) they can choose their favorite fruit, and get the corresponding exclusive blessing, such as “touch dragon fruit, thriving”, “touch apple, go in peace”, “touch orange, happy” and so on.With fruit fragrance, the students came to a red archway, the face jumped over two simple and honest “little tiger”.Led by “tiger cub”, they walked along the road covered with red lanterns and came to the “red envelope wall” to get their “pressure year bags” for the New Year.This pressure bag is not ordinary!Look, it says, “Happy New Year!Congratulations on getting a photo opportunity with your teacher!”Some students also received “congratulations you can have the first batch of eligibility to adopt a tree”, “congratulations you can write a poem, find Teacher Zeng Shujun guidance published on the” Shi Xi Jun Xi “public account” congratulations you get a chance to ask the principal’s mother to tell a hero story “and so on.Students with red envelopes in hand to hand around, beaming.Into the third arch, the teacher has been waiting for a long time, the students under the guidance of the teacher to receive the wish knot, beat the New Year drums, announced the new semester of imagination.Walking into the familiar classroom, the “little spinach” saw the new books neatly placed on the desk, the shining warm words on the blackboard, the colorful balloons floating beside the windowsill, all warm the heart of every student.Then, the students picked up the pen on the wish card solemnly write down their prospects of the new semester, and the teacher came to the class under the “happiness tree”, gently tied the wish on the branches.By registering in such a ceremonial way, the “little spinach” students feel the new atmosphere of the new semester and are fully prepared for the formal start of classes on February 14.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Li Nan