Steel transport limited warehouse drop drive up costs, steel prices still have room to rise this week?Still up?

2022-06-06 0 By

In March construction steel prices under the influence of international and domestic politics and policies, was a strong trend of shock operation, but the increase is limited.Hebei, Shandong and other provinces may be affected by the poor production of blast furnace steel supply, but the impact is far less than expected, steel supply level still has a small rebound.From the perspective of the following monthly supply forecast, the proportion of maintenance is far less than the proportion of resumption of production, so the supply level is still expected to pick up, but there is an upper limit to the supply increment due to the strength of demand release.In the short term, the epidemic in some regions will be steadily eased under the reasonable and timely control of the government.However, due to the great changes in the uncertainty of the epidemic, it may be difficult to effectively relax the control in a short period of time.Demand across the country is expected to pick up as the weather warms.According to data collected by sinosteel net: as of April 2, 20mmHRB400E rebar 24 markets rose 125 yuan/ton week on month;4.75 Hot rolled coil 24 markets rose 98 yuan/ton week on month;14-20mm general board week rose by 80 yuan/ton.As raw material prices rose in the market last week, forming support for steel prices, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, supply reduction is obvious, steel prices as a whole showed a small rise.Market analysis April 2, steel last week as a whole, period screw week up 147, period volume week up 37.Spot market, Tangshan area general billet week up 60, the main varieties rise.From the point of view of raw materials, imports and domestic iron ore this week are relatively strong operation, coupled with coking coal coke rising, from the cost end of steel prices to form support.From the point of view of demand, in the short term steel demand is still uncertain, the market wait-and-see sentiment is still affected by the epidemic, so the power of steel price rise is insufficient.To be around the country to achieve social “dynamic zero”, the backlog of steel demand is expected to be released, or will pull steel prices up.From the perspective of supply, with the impact of tangshan and other places to improve the supply of raw materials to ensure steel production tends to be stable, but the factory logistics transport efficiency is still low, demand growth or higher than supply, inventory into the decline stage, or will drive up the cost, therefore, this week steel prices or still have room to rise.Wave guardrail price fluctuates with the steel market price, recent steel spot price wide adjustment, large fluctuations, wave guardrail material needs can pay attention to Shandong Guanxian Hua ‘an traffic, at any time to understand the wave guardrail price, free to provide you with a quotation, ensure the lowest price of the same quality!(Private letter I get the latest guardrail quotation)