Hearthstone Priest’s new orange card is a bit weak, but the mage is still pushing up the mana pack

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BFS legend mini card package “Mr. Ni kriya nests” preview season is underway, the third batch of released new card pastor orange card, and he is the naaru m they are looking for, look have 0 through to purify, we also found some new card drop of materials from the black dragon, and see it together.Mida, Priest of pure Light legend attendant, 6 feen4/6, Holy shield, Leech, Dead Word: Wash a shard into your library.When the shard is drawn, summon Milda again.In the Tavish Mercenary Book episode, Kazakushan has successfully corrupted Naru, turning him into a pure void, so it’s clear that in the mini-series episode, the mercenaries have successfully purified him.Everyone joked that in world of Warcraft, Illidan shot Naru with an eye, and vallon was in the game, so naru was supposed to have 6 health, but this naru was actually 6 health, so it was a prophet.Meters of effect is a bit like at the beginning of the candle dragon, wu washed into the library, will call him again when to draw (so seriously is the dragon falls is 2.0), and m, pure holy light have a vampire attributes, in some cases a vampire or useful, but it is a pity that he didn’t taunt properties, if have mocked properties, the meter is much better,No mocking attribute is slightly mediocre, but the breeze feel that there is still a little bit may enter the task of the herd card group, after all, there is a dead language attribute, or can cooperate with the hero card.Onyxia Scale Druid normal spell, summons several 2/1 raiding whelps for 7 costs until your minions reach their maximum number.This spell model is very similar to the demon Hunter’s cast relay model and effect, both summoning minions with a surprise attack, and the combined field is also 14 points, I wonder if this card is given to the druid because Malfurion and Illidan are brothers.Cooperate card while the druid is not good, but this was a druid is very rare solution, the wind think the new bender rui are unlikely to take him but sometimes by natural study found that might be useful, such methods as druid might have a future and raids on genre, high emotional intelligence is the future may be, the period.Rashio’s Horned Priest normal spell costs 3 to draw a follower card.If dragon, summon two 2/1 starlings with surprise.One of the priest’s cards, but most likely can only be used in the dragon card group, because the priest’s insight is much better than his use of the entourage, but the insight is going to be out of the environment, if the next version of the priest does not retrieve the entourage’s card, it is estimated that he will be reluctant to use this card over the entourage.So can longmu standard play?The breeze feel a little hanging, these three versions are not what dragon system card, relying on a mini package alone, even if the group of dragon card group strength is not too high, but in the wild, the scope of application of this card may be mostly.Nefarian’s Tooth Thief normal spell deals 3 damage for 3.Honor annihilation: Discover a spell card of another class.These three cards are all pulled from the black dragon. It is not known if these are the same cards that the designer said were in the same set as deathwing’s children.Ann’s tooth is relatively moderate, lawadvantage elimination effect is only triggered the honor, don’t lose and find another job spell card, this discovery pool are mostly, and steal a thief’s hand now find other means of professional card is enough, perhaps only after annealing environment, he is likely to enter plagiarism thief card group.Dragonfire Talisman normal fire spell, 10 cost to trade, discover and summon two dragons.The dragonfire amulet is actually the key that unlocks a copy of Onyxia’s lair, and the blood elf in Katu, I think, is Harleen who helped us make the dragonfire amulet.Dragon Fire talisman is obviously for grand spells and has a tradable attribute, which is a boost to the card’s strength, but only if it can enter the building, which depends heavily on the quality of the dragon in the current environment.So how many dragons are there in a standard environment?Wind counted in the current environment neutral 13 head of dragon, mages have a exam dara baby dragon, plus a mini bag are now known to 3 head of dragon, a total of 16 head of dragon, one fee faerie dragon 2, 6 philon have 3, 4, 5 and 7 philon each one, the other is high philon, which means the overall expectation is far greater than five fee,Even with out randomly selected by ice in blood tower is not kui big probability, in addition to the mini package three dragons, the other dragon will leave in the annealing environment standard environment (the dragon can be adjusted in the core series), the next version if no new dragon, the discovery of this card pool would be very shallow, shallow represents stability, can say now the only question is:Can big spell spell play up?Ring of Courage Knight normal spell, 2 cost tradeable, gives a follower +1/+1.For each enemy follower, repeat.Close is put up, 2 fee Buff spells of the standard model is roughly + 2 / + 3, that is to say, if the other two after this card is not lost, in the face of some shop is a professional will earn very much, and he has tradable property, in the face of some won’t spread a career change can also trade in other Buff.I don’t know if he can trigger the special effects multiple times with the Stormwind Avengers. If so, it’s really strong.All requires warrior neutral rare minions, costs 4 and 4/5 taunts, if you end your turn with an unused mana crystal, the mana cost of that card is reduced by 1.Demand and greed is the distribution of the two levels in the world of warcraft copy, if someone needs, even if some greedy players roll out of the reach 100 points, while the opposition team, usually only in accordance with their own professional equipment to demand, and knights because to wear cloth leather lock plate, and have the gift of different forms,Some knights require all their equipment and are derided as “all needs riding”, which is the origin of this card.The effect of this card is relatively mediocre, can be used in the arena, in the ladder does not seem to need it.Of course, it is difficult to say, after all, this is a self-reduction card.That’s it for the third batch of new cards, there aren’t many left, and the two most important orange cards haven’t been announced yet, so don’t forget to keep an eye on hearthstone for the first time.