After the rocket launchers, the US will send Ukraine machine guns?Large quantities of NATO-style bullets turned up

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Despite receiving a lot of weapons after the end of the cold war, itself is the Soviet military stronghold, but now, Ukrainian troops are facing a serious shortage of equipment, reserve forces and even forced to use a world war ii era of DP rotary machine guns, training just only take a cardboard gun, in addition to the arms and ammunition, body armor, helmets, etc is lack,In the standoff with the “Russian hybrid forces”, the Ukrainian army is suffering from lack of adequate support, and NATO assistance cannot fully meet the needs of the Ukrainian army.As tensions rise, western countries continue to announce that Russia is about to invade Ukraine again, while continuing to send military aid to Ukraine.The US and THE UK have provided Ukraine with about 3,000 anti-tank missiles (javelins and Nlaws) and an unknown number of M141 rocket launchers, according to an incomplete tally, but there are few details on other lethal weapons.Russia and the two Eastern Ukrainian “republics” have long claimed the presence of NATO weapons on the Donbas front, but have yet to prove it.A batch of photographs recently showed that the us military aid to Ukraine included large quantities of NATO 6.52X51 mm machine gun bullets, tracer bullets to be exact. Given that the Ukrainian army is not equipped with the machine guns that fire these NATO bullets, it is likely that NATO will supply FN MAG machine guns to the Ukrainian army.With the German government firmly refusing to supply arms to Ukraine, the MG-3 machine gun is less likely.In fact, since 2014, there have been reports of NATO supplying Ukraine with all kinds of firearms, especially sniper rifles. There have even been reports of the U.S. government’s attempt to purchase German-made sniper rifles for Ukrainian military aid, which the German government protested.The Ukrainian army now has a handful of Western sniper rifles, but it is still heavily armed with Small Soviet-style weapons, including rifles and machine guns.Until 2014, Ukraine had been exporting its arms and ammunition stocks, from tanks to all kinds of ammunition, but after 2014, such exports stopped quickly, but the Ukrainian Arsenal has been continuously large explosions, a large number of ammunition stocks were destroyed.The Ukrainian government claims that Russian agents sabotaged the plane and found the detonator and the drone. The Russian government denies this and says Ukrainian warehouse controllers acted on their own and were negligent.The Baltic states have previously supplied small amounts of Soviet-style light arms to The Ukrainian army, but they have been too small a drop in the ocean.It is unclear how many machine guns the United States will provide to Ukraine, but how many will ease its arms shortage.