The brightest | the coordinates of the greatest man in qianan salute

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In Qian ‘an, we remember the martyrs and pay the highest respect and thoughts to them. It is another year when Qingming Festival, spring breeze and willows send grief.In this solar term, the most memory is everlasting topic.Which have what time static good, but it is someone in the load forward, in qian ‘an, such some heroes, they use their own lives to guard a side of the land, with the faith interpretation of the eternal clank oath.The annual Qingming Festival is a time for us to remember them, offering sacrifices online and passing condolences on the cloud. At the moment when the epidemic is raging, let’s walk into the story of the heroes in Qian ‘an.Li Fangzhou was born in a wealthy family in 1906. After graduating from Qian ‘an Normal School, he successively taught in this village, Wanggu Zhuang and Gaogu Zhuang.When the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression broke out in 1937, Li gave up teaching and began to develop the United Front organization of the Anti-japanese and National Salvation Association. In 1938, he took part in the people’s armed Anti-japanese uprising in Eastern Hebei province.During the period he led the people of the three regions, bloody “no man’s land”, has smashed the Japanese puppet four times “public security strengthening movement”.However, because of betrayers, qin Haiqing, head of the Japanese puppet army and anti-communist self-defense regiment stationed in Luojiatun (now Qianxi County) of Qian ‘an, was killed in xiaojiazhuang and Wangguzhuang streets in public, at the age of 36.In the autumn of 2018, the Party history Research Office of The Municipal Party Committee of Qian ‘an confirmed li Fangzhou’s identity as the pioneer of the Anti-Japanese War in Qian ‘an after various research and discussion by the government of Qian ‘an city and Tangshan City, and according to relevant documents, declared the honorary title of martyr for Li Fangzhou.A sacrifice, when the four dare to slash immediately, when the manchus raging can kill the enemy to defend the country, in the people mourning the war, the back of China, qingming memorial, when the martyrs, together excited the soul of the nation!Li Zhenxing, a veteran of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression in Qian ‘an, joined the army at the age of 15.On September 18, 1931, when the Japanese Kuantung Army blew up the Liutiaohu section of the South Manchuria Railway, Li Zhenxing volunteered to take the initiative and led two comrades to investigate the enemy’s situation for the transfer of our troops. However, due to the complicated terrain and extreme weather, Li Zhenxing unfortunately fell into the mire trap of the enemy and could not move.They were tied up by five Japanese soldiers.Li zhenxing’s comrades were killed and three of his fingers were cut off, but the enemy could not extract a single important message from them.It was Li Zhenxing’s unyielding spirit that succeeded in buying time for the large army and successfully completing the transfer task.Two sacrifice martyrs, once fought a bloody battle of every inch of land, now must be flowers, shady trees, bearing in mind the spirit of the martyrs, adhere to the indomitable heart for tomorrow, here to extend the highest respect to the revolutionary predecessors!Zhang Xudong, a native of Qian ‘an, Hebei Province, joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in August 1984 after joining the army in September 1981.He successively served as district commander and instructor, deputy company commander, staff officer, deputy division chief, Division chief, deputy minister, minister, acting Division commander, Chief of Staff, deputy commander, commander, deputy commander of the Central Theater Command and army Commander of the Central Theater Command, deputy Commander of the Central Theater Command, and Commander of the Western Theater Command.During his revolutionary career, there was never a moment when he did not strive for the revolutionization, modernization and normalization of the army.Zhang was promoted to the rank of major general in 2012, lieutenant general in 2018 and general in 2020.On March 18, 2017, Zhang Xudong took part in a voluntary tree-planting activity at Longquanhu Park in Luquan district of Shijiazhuang city. In his eyes, the livelihood of the people is important to the country.The long journey dragged down his health, and he finally passed away on October 1, 2021 in Beijing at the age of 58.Three sacrifice loyal soul, dozens of sweat, sweat, for our present heyday, time with pain, heroes need to remember, remember the martyrs, pay tribute to you!At 18 o ‘clock on February 15, Qian ‘an public Security Bureau CAI Yuan police station three sergeant Ma Zhongyuan comrade in the Beijing-Harbin high-speed Qian ‘an checkpoint security duties, a heart attack, ineffective rescue, unfortunately died on duty, only 41 years old.Since for the public security work, Ma Zhongyuan successively in the Interpol brigade, the traffic police brigade, police station, multiple positions, with a burning desire for the work of public security, faithfully fulfill the sacred duty of the people’s police, loyalty for the people, wuxi, hardworking, selfless dedication, 365 days, brave the wind and snow, daily unattended, he actively rescue lost personnel, zhi dou poor fierce gangsters,With practical actions to fulfill the mission and responsibility of a people’s police.Four sacrifices, with the present happiness, can not forget yesterday’s suffering, is the load forward the heroes in exchange for our peace, the body has died, ambition still exists, we wish the living people can alarm bells ringing, remember our hero!Their life, is heroic, glorious, for us to leave a valuable wealth.Heroes with blood and life to give us today’s life, si ren has died, character and character often exist, we remember them at the same time, should be more chang huai Thanksgiving heart, cherish the present thing.Qingshan Tibetan loyal soul Qingming Festival martyrs one inch mountain river one inch loyal blood one soul may our mountain and river eternal hero live forever!