Rob zunzun is not coro opponent, if the dust wants to kill, nine dead different emperor will cooperate?

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Hello, everyone! I’ve been writing online for ten years.It’s very strange that it’s snowing outside today, it’s very cold, I hope this is the last madness of cold, what’s left is warm sun, just like life.Continue to talk about the eternal god emperor, ten years of this period to a point to start the explanation, talk about the robbed zunzao is not the opponent, if the dust wants to kill, nine dead different emperor will cooperate?You should see the latest plot, no moon can say for the sake of dust, want to help her husband become the master behind the scenes, want to help her husband become able to play chess with all the days can play chess with the tianzun level strong characters, so taught if the dust a move to kill.To talk about the specific content, or to talk about the venerable Jack and Koro.After the demise of the goddess, Ruochen and Zunzun reached an agreement, one of them took the throne of the heavens, the other prepared for marriage, and together guarded the Realm of Kunlun.Not long ago, I believe that book friends also know, the zunzun curve into the sky, by beating Lei Zu to the top of the sky, by that plan is not moving Ming King boxing.But the book club will not forget that zunzao did not want to defeat Lei Zu at the beginning, zunzao was running to challenge Koro at the beginning, but Koro did not accept, so can only make this strategy curve seize the sky, fortunately, zunzao was successful, the title of the day.Ten years think rob zunzao challenge Koro has deep meaning, and the flying fish arrangement rob zunzao to defeat Lei Zu also has deep meaning.Among them, the jacking zunzao challenges Koro, nothing more than old and new animosity plus the seizure of the heavens, chose Koro.Once Coro to kunlun bound secretly out of hand, if the dust secretly out of hand, this is to challenge his deep meaning.However, zunzao did not fight Koro behind, but defeated Lei Zu, ten years think that this is the message sent by the flying fish, Zunzao beat Koro, is not koro’s opponent.You should know that Corot has been famous for a long time. He is the Lord of the Temple of Light and the core figure of the heaven world. How could his power only last the beginning of infinity?Ten years thought Corot was at least in the middle and even at his peak.So can the superman, who can only hit with a single punch, really shake the strong Kolo?Ten years is considered impossible, the Zunzao could not last many rounds before being defeated by Koro.So how to resolve the irreconcilable conflict with Corot?There had been conflicts with Corot before. Ruochen had beheaded monks in the Temple of Light for many times, indirectly offending Corot, and this time the venerable Hijacker challenged Corot with contempt.According to the logic of the moon, the enemy and the unknown to eliminate, if the dust will certainly strike.Of course, at this time the robbed zunzun are not kolo’s opponent, not to mention if the dust, if the dust can only do is to borrow a knife to kill.Temple of light and dark temple are born opposite, the contradiction that coro and nine dead different emperor is born, if dust borrows nine dead different emperor this knife, get rid of coro this great enemy, but can nine dead different emperor cooperate?Ten years think will, although nine dead different emperor also see if the dust is not happy, but if the dust has nine dead different emperor needs things, use good nature will help if the dust work.For example, tripod, for example, said that god Dan and for example, the heart of the devil god is even no month, can be the price of the dust, nine dead different emperor can not be tempted?I’m sure he’ll cooperate.The above is ten years of this issue content, only represents the personal view, welcome book friends to leave a message together to discuss!