Men like “stupid” women mostly because of these three psychology, has nothing to do with love

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When the man you like says to you with a smile: “you are so cute and stupid”, the woman must not be so happy, he says the truth is that you are stupid, rather than praise you are so cute.Many men like to find a “silly” woman for girlfriend, not he does not like smart women, but he chose to give up smart women for their own consideration.Juanzi’s boyfriend broke up with her soon after learning her true intention of getting married, because she was too smart.After the event, she knew her ex-boyfriend had chosen her in a mutual friend there, because she was an only child and the family conditions were very good. Her ex-boyfriend thought that he could struggle for twenty years less, but she said that she would transfer the house under the name of the first-tier city to her parents before marriage, and then let her parents make money to rent for retirement.It was bought for her by her parents. She just wanted to find someone who could fight with her. Unexpectedly, her ex-boyfriend decided to break up with her because he thought she was too smart to take advantage.Human nature is to seek advantages and avoid harm, just like women want to find a much stronger man than themselves, men also want to associate with smart women, but some men out of some psychological, he dare not find, or find their needs can not be met can only break up.Juanzi’s former boyfriend thought she was too smart, nothing more than he felt in front of her to get a little cheap, her cognition and ability to let him have no confidence to get what he wants, since there is a great risk, he chose to avoid risk, not investment, two people only break up in the future.It can be seen that a relationship or marriage, most men are out of realistic consideration, will not love (feelings) as food, but women like love brain, love a person is easy to IQ offline.When you look through a man, don’t listen to what he says, but think about his intentions, think about why he says what he says, and you can see all his goals.In fact, men like “silly” women, mostly out of three psychology, have nothing to do with love.The first: inferiority complex.When a man faces a woman who is smarter and more capable than he is, he will feel worthless and inferior. He will feel that he can’t hold his head up in front of such a woman and will feel “crushed”.Because of his inferiority, virtually will take their own and intelligent capable woman for comparison, that he is irrelevant in the heart of such a woman, and always be pressed a head, in front of friends without face, he is also very embarrassed.However, when a man looks for a woman who is a bit “silly”, he can hold his head up, or even put on his high horse, to boost his self-esteem and confidence and take over the relationship.The man’s inferiority complex only in front of the “silly” woman to regain confidence, rely on the “silly” woman to give him face, maintain his strong self-esteem, he can find their own “sense of value”.Most of these men are immature and slow to grow up. They only want to get what they want from the outside world and have not learned to be strong.Men with low self-esteem only learn to understand themselves, try to get what they want, will not always think of others to give, is conducive to the maintenance of bilateral relationship, after all, “stupid” women also have smart time.Second: the need to control.The need to control is a human instinct, it is used to deal with our inner fear.However, an overly controlling man likes to take the lead in a relationship, constantly making demands on his partner and assuming they will do what he wants them to do.For the problems in getting along, men who are too controlling always think that they are not at fault, and that the other party is always at fault, and they are especially good at using external attribution on right and wrong. Everything is the other party’s problem, and they only tell others right and wrong.This kind of control will not work with intelligent women, who have their own opinions and boundaries and will not be easily led by the nose.However, when a controlling man finds a “stupid” woman, he doesn’t have to be passive, he can make her change to suit his needs, and if she doesn’t, he can force her to change.Overcontrolling men use a defense mechanism called denial to avoid their problems, which only works with “dumb” women.In the face of the “stupid” woman, he has the confidence to control the development of the relationship without fear of being abandoned, and can gain the initiative and desire for control of the relationship.The third kind: love “take advantage of” psychology.When two people choose to be together, they both want something in the relationship.Juanzi’s former boyfriend chose to be with her because of her family property.Of course, he understood juanzi is very smart, will not easily let him, he chose to retreat.This kind of love “bargain” psychology, and psychology of hitchhiking effects have the same effect, namely to, it refers to the interests of a group, a member for the benefit of the interest group’s efforts, all the people in the group are likely to benefit, but the cost is borne by the individual.This kind of guy is very selfish, but he is very good at pretending that he loves you until you are eaten clean. He is the “crush” in the relationship. He is squeezing your value and will be nice to you when you are still useful.When there is no “value”, he quickly changes face.In order to avoid this kind of result, a man will only choose a “stupid” woman. Even if he sells her, she is still counting money for him.Men like “silly” women, all from their own standpoint, he is very selfish, is to meet his own needs, do not care about whether their behavior will cause harm to women.Such a man, he only loves himself, no matter who he chooses to be with, has nothing to do with love.A woman can love the people occasionally “silly” a little, but should be seemingly naive, in fact, is pretending to be stupid, see through not to say.In the relationship, a woman should have her own bottom line and know how to look at the reasons behind what a man does, not just the appearance.Men like the “silly” woman’s psychology, but also enlightenment women might as well be smart, so that will automatically isolate their own ideas of the bad man.What else do you think men like about “stupid” women?Welcome to comment.