Jingning county leadership team to carry out street office and supervision of civilized city to create work

2022-06-05 0 By

In order to seriously implement the jingning county leadership cadres “week to the streets” system, further promote the county civilized city to create work, to perform all levels of grid long, grid member work task, April 7, Yang Fei, deputy director of the standing Committee of the county people’s Congress to carry out the implementation of the street office and supervision of the national civilized city to create work.The supervising group came to xihuan Road to Xihuan Branch road, Xijie Road to Xinjie West Road, Nanhuan West Road to Xinjie West Road, and the gate of Nanyuan community to Xihuan Road. They looked while walking and put forward corresponding suggestions.In the symposium held subsequently, each unit responsible person on the existing problems and the next rectification work undertook a speech.At the meeting, all units and departments should earnestly implement the grid staff inclusion system. They should not only take charge of the work within their respective jurisdictions, but also cooperate with each other to coordinate and promote the construction of national civilized cities.We should intensify our work, promote the implementation of the five guarantees in front of the door responsibility system, and effectively regulate the uncivilized phenomena such as environmental hygiene, operation outside the shop and disorderly parking of vehicles in the responsibility area;It is necessary to plan and build parking lots and other supporting facilities to maximize convenience and benefit the people, and to create a clean and orderly environment.More publicity activities should be held to promote the building of a civilized city, so as to convey the concept of civilization and environmental protection to the people and make new progress in the building of a civilized city.Chengguan Town, Justice Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Government Affairs Service Center, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Maternal and Child Health Care Center, Community Health Service Center, village and township banks, Postal Savings Bank Jingning Branch third-level or fourth-level grid leader, community grid leader and grid member,County people’s Congress standing Committee financial and economic budget working committee, urban communities, housing and construction bureau, law enforcement bureau, public utilities management bureau, landscaping to accompany the person in charge of supervision and attend the meeting.