Harden is open to trading himself, and if the Nets want him to, a trade could happen soon

2022-06-05 0 By

Harden is open to leaving the Nets, and the front office hasn’t asked him to, so maybe a trade is what’s going to happen next.Durant, Harden, Irving, no matter how good they are, how can they hope to win a championship if they don’t play together day in and day out?Don’t fool yourself, nets management, Nets head coach Steve Nash, that all the players, can be said to not go for the championship.How else could the team be left to its own good?A championship is never a one-time thing.It takes management, it takes a coach, it takes all the players to pull together as much as they can under the guidance of their own talent.Otherwise, the championship is not a dream?Maybe harden and Simmons swap, and the Sixers add a few players as a starter, and that’s for the best.As it stands now, the nets and 76ers are likely to complement each other as long as this trade happens.Harden is the answer to the 76ers’ shortcomings on the point guard line, and with harden’s addition, the 76ers point guard is immediately the top point guard in the league.If Simons joins the Nets, the Nets’ forward line will also be enhanced.But given that simmons isn’t enough to trade Harden alone, the Sixers will need to send at least one or two more role players, perhaps a first or second-round pick, and the odds are good that it will happen.Now it can only be understood that Irving can not play at home, the team hurt the most.Durant’s injury was something no one could have predicted.But harden’s style of play, and the ineptness of Nets coach Steve Nash, makes him a misfit, and that’s where a trade could happen.Harden might just as well be gone, and he can team up with Embiid to continue his championship chase.Simmons would be a good fit alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.Whichever way you look at it, this deal will be a win-win situation.But if the trade happens, the Nets will have two big guns, Irving and Simmons, and it’s unclear if Nash can lead them.Durant’s return from injury, the new trio and how many games together, will also be unknown, the nets’ future is still uncertain.With Harden joining the 76ers, maybe the 76ers will fly where they left off.It’s not a wise choice for the Nets to trade away their model workers and leave them with a thorn in their side.