“Ask for more advice for the rest of my life” Gu Wei refused gao Xi with these six words, Lin’s school, the picture is high sweet

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Life is always accompanied by flowers and thorns all the way, and chasing “The Rest of my life for advice” is the high sugar in the dull days, let this ordinary spring also instantly bright up.Xiao Zhan plays the leading role of Gu Wei, his profession is a surgeon, gentle and elegant, devoted to love;Yang Zi plays the role of the leading lady Lin Zhi School, she is pursuing a dream of the junior music department girl, optimistic and cheerful personality.Although the whole of the road of love of the couple of the rest of the life still calculates smoothly, but the rival in love of the school of Lin is tall millions is very excellent and outstanding, she is gu Wei’s colleague and classmate concurrently, the family is excellent and outstanding, always in the light and in the dark gave Gu Wei many help.In the latest episode, colleagues hold a party, and Gaoxi drinks wine to summon the courage to confess her love to Gu Wei, but gu Wei politely rejects her with the six characters.Hit high millions instant tears dance, and Lin school very dark, this name scene is too sweet!All the time, in the eyes of outsiders Gu Wei and High millions are the most on the CP, they are matched, each other evenly, usually because of the intersection of many work.Even Dr. Zhao could not help teasing that Gu Wei might be the son-in-law of the vice president in the future.However, Gu Wei knew that Gaoxi had a strong personality. She was the pearl in the hand of the vice president since she was a child. She looked outstanding in all aspects of her family and lived a smooth life.They are peer hold colleague concurrently, can be king blast career god assists, pursue excellence for the best on medical skill, be not the lover that a pair of disposition can complement each other truly however.As Gu Wei said, we are too similar, so the pursuit of perfect strong, really get along will be more difficult, can not withstand the test of daily necessities and waste.Gu Wei goes after perfection very much as a child, he cannot accept slightest flaw, to the career is advanced so, to the choice of partner is picky is more such, a sudden error lets oneself almost be immersed in the career lowest ebb cannot extricate oneself.Fortunately, Lin School like a small sun general warmth and cure gu Wei, she let him believe that the power of the belief, from the failure to draw lessons and experience, and life occasionally waves shake hands.Lin zhi’s family background is not as good as Gaoxi, looks are not stunning beauty type, but she wins in character level.Growing up in the school of Lin Zhi, she has never been afraid of difficulties and obstacles. Even though her father is strict and her mother is gentle and elegant, she still maintains an optimistic and simple attitude towards life.Gu Wei hits in the heart eye to appreciate this idiosyncrastic, fall in love is about three views consistent, the choice can chat the companion that come.Mu Xin once said, if a person has no aesthetic ability, even knowledge seems to be unable to save.A beautiful skin is all the same, an interesting soul is one in a million.Know the knowledge of interest, to survive the years of dull and twists and turns, without asking sadness and joy, without asking things, firmly and sober.Lin Zhixiao may be a little less utilitarian and pragmatic, but she has an interesting soul. She is down-to-earth and can look up to the stars. She is a very resilient girl deep in her bones.Dean Bai Fumei gaoxi may be the dazzling stars of the sea, but gu Wei yearning for life partner, is the little sun general neighbor girl, the rest of my life, three meals four seasons, is the world worth!Dear friends, how do you view Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan, Li Muchen, Zhai Zilu and other leading TV series “Ask for your Advice for the rest of my life”?Welcome to leave a message!Author: Luo Xiaoke, a mother married to Taiwan, writes about everything in Taiwan, obsessed with all kinds of film reviews.Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.