“Whampoa project” the highest reward of 5 million!Information technology application innovation enterprise or organization accreditation

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Application project Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone Information technology application innovation enterprises or institutions to identify the application deadline 2022-03-11 Award support method cultivation award for newly established and recognized credit and innovation enterprises, paid-in registered capital of more than 5 million yuan, 10 million yuan, 20 million yuan,The highest reward will be 500,000 yuan, 1 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively.Xinchuang enterprises with paid-in registered capital of more than 5 million yuan, who settle in the identified Xinchuang Industrial park and rent office space for their own use, will be given a rent subsidy of up to 50 yuan per square meter per month, and each enterprise will be given a rent subsidy of up to 1 million yuan per year.And a one-time 30% decoration cost subsidy, the highest subsidy of 1 million yuan.For recognized industry associations or alliances in the field of information and innovation that have settled in the district and are registered and established in the functional departments of national, provincial and municipal governments according to law, one-time subsidies of operating funds of RMB 1 million, RMB 600,000 and RMB 400,000 will be given respectively, and the maximum subsidy of each association or alliance is RMB 1 million.Growth reward A group of credit and innovation leading enterprises are selected every year, and enterprises above scale with annual revenue of over 50 million yuan and year-on-year growth of more than 10% will be rewarded according to their contribution to local economic development in the year compared with the previous two years, 12% of the highest stock part and 60% of the incremental part, with a maximum of 10 million yuan.For xinchuang product enterprises listed in the list of xinchuang adaptation products and put into the market, 5% of the annual r&d investment over 10 million yuan will be subsidized, and the maximum annual subsidy for each enterprise is 5 million yuan.Talents who meet the requirements of paragraph 1 of Article 4 will be rewarded at the rate of 15% of their individual taxable income, with a maximum of RMB 100,000 per person per year, and no more than 100% of their individual taxable income.No more than 5 individuals shall be awarded by a single enterprise, and the accumulative reward amount shall not exceed 30% of the enterprise’s contribution to local economic development.During the period of validity of platform incentive policy, no less than 5 general software and hardware adaptation test platforms will be supported, and one-time subsidy of 30% of the actual construction cost of the platform will be given, with a maximum of RMB 5 million.To promote the construction of the credit and innovation industrial base, the identified credit and innovation industrial park shall be subsidized 50% of the actual operating expenses of the operation and management organization, and the maximum annual subsidy for a single organization is RMB 2 million.Application support letter and the enterprise software product development, application migration, adaptive testing, information service innovation in government affairs, education, medical treatment, electric power, transportation, travel, justice, and other fields of application project, policy selection within the validity period of not less than 15 letters and product application demonstration projects, according to its actual investment one-time subsidies for 30%, the highest 5 million yuan.The Fund supports and encourages the establishment of 500 million yuan credit and innovation industry fund, attracts social capital to gather and form capital supply effect, provides multi-level services such as angel investment, equity investment and post-investment value-added for credit and innovation enterprises, and builds a national credit and innovation industry development cluster area.Activity subsidy For undertaking activities such as national, provincial and municipal credit and innovation competitions, conferences, forums, exhibitions and so on, upon identification, the subsidy shall be 30% of the actual expenses, and the maximum subsidy shall be RMB 1 million.Key words: Huangpu District policy, Huangpu District project, Guangzhou Huangpu District Development Zone information technology application innovation enterprise or organization identification