Two former provincial head coaches assisted CAI Bin!Wang Baoquan successor or determined, an Jiajie has no rivals

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team is training in Paris. Besides the list of players, the list of coaches is also worth discussing.The new head coach CAI Bin retained most of the assistant coaches of the Tokyo cycle, and the team leader Lai Yawen also appeared on the coaching staff.However, two former provincial head coaches, Chen Youquan, former head coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team and Li Yanlong, former head coach of Shandong Women’s volleyball team, have joined the coaching staff of women’s volleyball team.Due to the poor performance of leading the team in 2019 Club World Cup, Chen Youquan temporarily resigned as the head coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team.During his short stint as coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team, Chen led the team to the league championship and made Li Yingying famous.After two years of retirement, Chen’s appearance in the National team shows that The Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team has not given up on Chen, and plans to bring her back to coach in the future, or even replace the current coach Wang Baoquan.Chen Youquan’s coaching experience is quite good. He has been coaching the National Youth Women’s Volleyball team for many years and has been in charge of tianjin Women’s volleyball team, so he is fully qualified to be the assistant coach of the national team.In fact, a world Club Cup defeat is nothing, Chen Youquan was dismissed mainly attitude problems, including the use of Zhu Ting was questioned.If he can gain experience with the national team and help CAI Bin manage the Chinese women’s volleyball team, returning to Tianjin is wang baoquan’s top choice.To know that there are not many excellent coaches in Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, Chen Youquan is one of them.Li Yanlong resigned as head coach of Shandong Women’s Volleyball team because an Jiajie returned to shandong Women’s Volleyball Team.Originally, An jiajie was regarded as the first successor of Lang, and was also the first assistant coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball Team.However, with the poor performance of the Tokyo Olympic Games, An jiajie did not show excellent coaching ability, and finally failed to be the head coach of the National team, returned to shandong Women’s Volleyball team as the coach.An jiajie would have been the head coach of Shandong women’s Volleyball team if he had not served as lang’s coach in Rio and Tokyo.In view of the fact that An jiajie is young and the assistant coach of the national team, there is no rival in a short period of time. Even if Li Yanlong does well in the national team, he will not be able to return to Shandong to take over an Jiajie’s position.Unless shandong women’s volleyball suffers its worst record, there may be a temporary change at the top.However, Li Yanlong’s teaching performance is average, shandong Women’s Volleyball team has been hovering outside the top four in recent years, there is almost no room for decline, so there is no so-called worst record for An Jiajie.Li Yanlong went to the national team is also a good thing, after all, it is difficult to accommodate two tigers in one mountain, if Li Yanlong and An Jiajie stay in shandong women’s Volleyball team at the same time, it will inevitably be a little awkward.Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team has been looking forward to a breakthrough in performance. Now the two coaches have the coaching experience of the national team, which is more beneficial than harmful for the development of Shandong Women’s volleyball team.Only the provincial team coach position only one, an jiajie and Li Yanlong competition just began.