Provincial party organizing office, municipal party committee main leaders respectively on the organization of the work to make important instructions

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In 2021, the municipal committee of the public sector in the province vigorously under the guidance of the public, under the correct guidance of municipal party committee and municipal government, based on the work reality, around the center, the service general situation, focus on deepening the reform of administrative system, focus on the reform of different categories of public institutions, focus on innovation organization management, focus on strengthening the construction of its own, rising establishments of work performance,The management level of institutional staffing has been constantly improved, and the status and role of institutional staffing departments have been further highlighted.Recently, the provincial party committee, the municipal party committee of the main leadership on the organization of the work respectively made instructions, affirmation of achievements, put forward hope.Zhou Qingsong, Director of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee’s Organization Department”In 2021, Ningde Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China committee of the Communist Party of China (NINGde), based on the actual situation and exploring new ideas, vigorously promoted the reform of the system and mechanism, especially in standardizing the establishment of the management organization of the development zone and verifying the staffing of public primary and secondary schools in accordance with the standard and full quota. It was able to innovate and optimize the management mechanism, and achieved positive results. Its practices are worth learning from.”Liang Weixin, secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, fully affirmed the work of the organization and Office in 2021, and made instructions: “In 2021, the Municipal Committee of the Organization and Office can base on the reality, make efforts in the reform of the system and mechanism, the management of the organization and staffing, and serve the economic and social development. All the work has achieved good results, and should be fully affirmed!In the New Year, we hope to make persistent efforts and continue to make greater contributions to promoting all-round high-quality development and striving to write the ‘Chapter of Ningde’.”(Contribution unit: Municipal Committee of the CPC)