Lishan School: famous teachers of mental health gathered in Lishan

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In order to help students stabilize their emotions, promote interpersonal development among students, stimulate students to pursue their dreams.On April 1, concession for department organized a primary and secondary school mental health education teacher team evaluation activities in class, the main venue for school recorded in concession for li room, shek mun 3, shek mun 4, xiang jia schools of yongxing, treasure peak street center, a loud, loud, loud, loud mental health evaluation of teachers to the site’s classes,Mental health teachers from other schools participated in online class evaluation activities.Bureau of education department director Chen Zhiming, deputy director Tang Xianyin, To Xu Jun, further education school teaching division director to pengfei to school guidance.Teacher Yan Jing of Lishan School in Shimen County introduced the topic “Uncover the Veil of Memory” by observing pictures to explore the rules, so that students can understand the universal rules of memory, learn and master the methods of memory, and guide students to consciously apply the methods of memory to learning.YanJing teacher “the memory of the veil” new shop in the town centre school huangjuan class teacher by the teachers and students interactive games found the characteristics of the classmate, which leads to the topic “unique I”, guides the student to correct understanding of self, find their own special, understand that everyone is unique, to love and respect yourself, also want to love and respect for others.Huangjuan teacher “unique I” class concession for network vice director of office of the innovative teacher team members, 4 Peng Dongsheng teacher lectures on the knowledge of mental health course, mainly introduced the characteristics of the mental health education curriculum, teaching characteristics, teaching methods, teaching skills, and combine own teaching cases for guidance.Xia Qi, the teacher of The second primary School, commented on The book “Uncover the Veil of Memory”. She thought that three explorations in the class, step by step, let students discover the method of memory independently, students’ learning enthusiasm is high, and they use the method of memory they have learned to carry out the memory challenge.Zhao Xia, a teacher from Xiangjia Yongxing School, commented on “Unique Me” : it is a very successful lesson to focus on the topic closely, highlight the key points, take students as the main body, strengthen students’ active experience, find themselves in the classroom, and accept themselves.Taught school supervisor office director, introduced the concession to the eagle fly primary and middle school students’ psychological health education work, the school established the concession for the mental health of primary and secondary schools to peng teacher studio, teaching and research section added psychological education teacher classroom discipline, to the mental health of primary and middle schools in the county will be equipped with full-time teachers and standardize the psychological consulting room,And for primary and secondary school mental health education for professional curriculum research and development, to promote the high quality of shimen County primary and secondary school mental health education development.Further education school teaching section supervision room director to pengfei speech statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: