“Bear hug” special passengers, moving broken-down vehicles…Qingdao good driver and warm heart action

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This article is transferred from: Palm Qingdao Qingdao Daily/Sea news on April 4, special needs passengers mobility inconvenience, the driver of a “bear hug” to help its safety off;When a car broke down, the driver got out to help push……In recent days, Qingdao city transport holding bus group driver did a good deed.Wang Peng, the driver of the No 310 bus, helped a disabled man out of the bus when the two drivers had difficulty getting out of the bus. This heart-warming scene was praised by onlookers.At noon on April 3, Wang Peng, the driver of Shibei Bus No. 310 of Chengyun Holding Bus Group, drove the bus from Donghai No.1 station of Yueyang Road to Luodong Community station.At 12:35, when the vehicle was stationed at Beizhong Road, a male passenger with inconvenient movement was helped by warm-hearted passengers to get on the bus, which attracted the attention of Wang Peng.At 13:03, the vehicle arrived at luodong community station, male passengers holding the railings inside the carriage slowly get up and ready to get off.Seeing this, Wang Peng immediately left the cab and came to help him. As the male passenger was physically difficult, Wang Peng let him rely on him and slowly and step by step helped the male passenger to the rear door of the carriage.Wang Peng helped the passenger to get off the bus. However, the man, who could not move easily, tried several times but failed to get down the steps due to the high steps on the bus.Wang Peng picked up the male passenger from behind and put it firmly on the platform.”When I carried my male passenger out of the car, he held my arm tightly and whispered thanks in my ear.”Wang peng said he felt a warm current in his heart when he saw the male passengers trust him so much.”The driver of this move, let us very surprised and moved.”Ms. Chen, who was waiting on the platform, saw the scene and called the hotline to praise Wang.After being praised for his actions, Wang said shyly that it was just a piece of cake and it was the driver’s job to ensure passengers arrived safely and smoothly at their destination.He will do his best in future.There is no one alone.In the city transport holding bus group Chengyang bus company 901 bus also happened a similar scene: a few days ago, Liu Tongke drove the 901 bus from wenyang Road station to Luojiaying, when driving to xihetao station, an old man pushing an old woman in a wheelchair ready to get on the bus.The old woman stood up trembling with the handle of the car door, obviously with great effort.”Wait, wait, I’ll help you!”Liu Tongke saw quickly out of the cab, stepped forward to help steady grandma, and then carefully helped her into the carriage, the old man is folded wheelchair followed.”Sit down with me!”All the passengers in the carriage offered their seats to the old man.In the end, Liu arranged a spot near the back door, where she could easily get out of the car and be observed in the rearview mirror.When the car went to shangjiagou station, Liu Tongke stopped the vehicle, came to the rear door, the grandmother safely helped off.When she was safely seated in the wheelchair, she was relieved to get back into the cab.”Respecting and loving the elderly is our traditional virtue. As a bus driver and a Qingdao bus Firefly volunteer, I have the responsibility and obligation to take good care of every passenger.”Liu Tongke said.A private car ran out of fuel and broke down at a bus stop on Siu Fung Road in Licang District.Zhang Yantong, the driver of Route 102 of Licang Bus Company of City Transport Holding Group, came forward to help the owner move his private car to the side of the road, and the road soon recovered.At noon on April 1, Zhang Yantong drove from Maidao to Hushan Road, shunhe Branch road.At about 12:44, when the vehicle arrived at Xiufeng Road and was ready to enter the station, a private car stopped at the platform, and the vehicles behind changed lanes and went around, causing traffic congestion on the road.See the owner sitting in the cab, Zhang Yan with horn remind, and stopped in the bus station of the private car difficult to move forward after a distance, and “lie” in situ.”The parking bay of the bus station is specially set up for passengers to get on and off the bus. If it is occupied, it will seriously affect the normal access of the bus station and passengers to get on and off the bus, and there are security risks.”Seeing that the private car did not leave the station, Zhang Yantong explained to the passengers in the car, immediately stopped the car, got out to check the situation.Zhang Yan with the passage of the breakdown of the vehicle after communication, Zhang Yantong understand the story: originally, because of private car owners careless, before driving did not notice the vehicle fuel tank alarm, resulting in the vehicle anchored in the bus station.As there was no gas station nearby, the private car owner had to call the rescue phone and wait for help.”Your car parked here will cause traffic jam, you can hang neutral first, I will help you push the car to the side of the road to wait for rescue.”After hearing Zhang Yantong’s suggestion, the private car owner immediately agreed.Then, the owner controls the direction of the vehicle in the car, Zhang Yantong in the car behind pushing hard.Through the efforts of the two men, the stalled vehicle was pushed to safety on the side of the road.In the face of Zhang Yantong’s help, the owner repeatedly thanked him.”Fuel level is a direct factor in controlling the range of a car, so you need to check your fuel level before driving.”The staff of Licang Bus Company reminds private car owners that if the fuel warning light comes on on the road, drivers need to control the speed while ensuring safety, reduce the number of braking times and slow down fuel consumption.Secondly, close the Windows to reduce the car resistance, and turn off the car’s fuel-consuming equipment, such as air conditioning and so on.If the vehicle is unable to drive, the owner should call for rescue in time, place warning signs and open emergency lights to avoid secondary injuries to the vehicle.