Suspected large sums of small Yang Ge, live first show “tears to make money”, Wang Sicong is actually very sober

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Nowadays, it is not uncommon to give rewards to Internet celebrities. What is unusual is that someone gives rewards to Internet celebrities, just like money is not money. This person can only be the national husband Wang Sicong.Many Internet celebrities have been shocked by Wang’s extravagant spending, such as Xiao Yang Ge.When xiao Yang Elder brother live with goods, they are seriously introducing the product, suddenly an ID called “Baylor ye 1” the eldest brother threw daughter, a brush is dozens of “carnival”, directly rushed to the list of a position.The elder brothers were scared silly, repeatedly “beg for mercy” : “Eldest brother stop!I’m selling goods, brother!”But it didn’t work. The man’s hands couldn’t stop, so Yang had to stand up and bow to the camera to thank Him. For a while, no one paid attention to what products were being sold in the studio, and they all wondered what the millionaire was.After the event, Yang said that during the whole live broadcast, “Baylor ye 1” gave away a total of 150,000 yuan worth of “carnival”.Perhaps the image of Wang Sicong as a rich man is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.And that’s not all.When Yang went live again, the “Baylor” appeared again, and the total value of the carnival increased to 200,000 yuan, which was “shocking to all of you.”And young brother is rewarded to doubt life again.He also thought that this “Beilye 1” might be Wang Sicong Ben Cong, because at that time, he just hated Sun Yining, who was not chased by Wang Sicong. Thinking of this, Yang brother could not help asking: “Is he happy that I hate Sun Yining?”Then, Brother Yang tentatively said, “If it is not Wang Sicong, I will change the gift”, but “Bei Le Ye 1” on the other side of the screen did not do so. He was more sure that it must be Wang Sicong. He shouted excitedly, “I also like playing games, Brother Sicong.No one was sure whether “Bei Le Ye 1” was Wang Sicong, and Wan never responded to the news, but netizens were still sure that he was Wang Sicong.After all, Wang Sicong had to “a small group” also brush 16 super fire, but also left “help Wuhan” beautiful talk.As early as tuantuan’s daily live broadcast, Wang Sicong once went to listen to her “magic sound guan Ear” and generously printed tens of thousands of gifts.And in the small group named “help Wuhan” live with goods, President Wang is a big deal to send 16 “super fire”, let the small group excited words can not say.It is because of Wang Sicong’s “support”, the popularity of small tuantuan live broadcast only rose, with goods sales also rose sharply, Wang Sicong can be said to “help Wuhan” out of a force.In China, only Wang Sicong has no concept of money, but our principal Wang is usually very rational. For example, when asked what he thinks about boys using group purchase for dating.True sweet law on who can be effective, even national husband Wang Sicong can not hide in the past.Although Wang Sicong appears to be a rich second generation and spends money like water, in fact, he has a down-to-earth side under his family, and he does not hide it and is open and honest.For example, in one program, Wang Sicong and his companions went to a civilian girl’s house as guests. The girl lived in a communal rental house. Naturally, she did not have any delicacies to entertain a prince, but she still cooked noodles for wang Sicong and others seriously and enthusiastically.At the beginning, Wang Sicong seemed very resistant. He once said proudly: “My noodles are imported noodles, and the pot is also imported pot. I have very high requirements for hardware, but I don’t eat it!”Faced with the plain instant noodles the girl cooked in an ordinary pot, Wang sicong said bluntly: “I don’t want to eat any more.”However, wang sicong could not help himself. At the invitation of the girl, he picked up the bowl and ate two mouthfuls.I saw wang Sicong not only one after another could not stop, but also urged his companion to add some soup: “Dry buddy, no soup!”In the end, Wang sicong ate all the noodles, including the last mouthful of soup.After the program was broadcast, wang sicong was praised by the audience, who said that he was outspoken but kind-hearted, truthful and unaffected.In fact, Wang Sicong ate ordinary noodles from ordinary girls, but it was not deliberately for show. Another “down-to-earth” incident of wang Sicong was cooking fried rice with eggs at a roadside stall late at night.It is said that Wang sicong had just come out of a bar and was probably hungry so he found a street stall to have a midnight snack.The stall owner was so busy that he hit the back of his head. Probably hungry, Wang Sicong picked up a big spoon and made an egg fried rice by himself.In the video, Wang Sicong is cooking with one hand and holding the pot with the other. The most incredible thing is the steps and spices that should be added.Looking at his skilled appearance, netizens could not help but ridicule: “a famous rich second generation + Internet celebrity, reduced to selling fried rice on the street!”Although wang sicong is rich and generous, he still has his own opinions on some issues and once made a lot of fans with a sound statement about “spending money”.At that time, Wang Sicong was asked what he thought about the topic of “whether it looks cheap for boys to use group buying when dating”. Wang Sicong, who was almost full of money, calmly said: “Rich people are rich, and fools are stupid. Rich people can’t spend money like fools.”This sober and restrained view helped the public break the stereotype of the nation’s husband, and many people began to think that Wang Sicong, the second rich generation, is not quite the same.”Tearful earn 7 million yuan”, that is wang Sicong who made his live debut shortly before.His fans couldn’t help it, saying that this might be our chance to “humiliate” Wang sicong with rewards in our lifetime.Although it was his first live broadcast, Wang sicong looked like an old man, wearing a yellow T-shirt and a black baseball cap.Live broadcast began not long, Wang Sicong and a female network red line PK, in the studio, directly card several times, even the other side of the studio have been delayed.To liven up the atmosphere, Wang performed a stony-faced horse-riding dance, which left the female Internet celebrities and netizens laughing their heads off. We have to say that Wang sicong really can do the job.But the most talked-about thing is the hordes of fans eager to give rewards to the rich kids.Some said it was the only chance to throw money at Wang sicong, while others said I would “insult” him even though I only earn a few thousand yuan a month.When Wang Sicong saw this, he was not angry. Instead, he repeatedly shouted, “Stop brushing!Stop!”But the hands still couldn’t stop.The scene was very funny, one does not want, another insisted on giving, who also do not let who, Wang Sicong was this group of disobedient net friend sorrow could not help but want to point to smoke, fortunately, the female network red on the other side of the timely stop him, otherwise the early offline.Some Internet users estimated that Wang sicong received 7 million yuan worth of gifts and gifts within five minutes of the broadcast, so it’s no wonder he’s so upset.It turns out that in this world, it is really someone who will be too much money.Internet users began to reward Wang Sicong, which quickly became a hot search. Although everyone knew it was just for fun, some people stood up and said, “This is not rational at all. Why should a worker with two or three thousand wages exceed his means to reward a person with gold and silver mountains?”However, it is said that after the live broadcast, Wang Sicong returned the rewards and gifts he received in the original way, which was also quite favorable.From the ordinary rich, to the “entertainment industry discipline inspection commission”, and then to the flow of the network between the right and wrong, Wang Sicong in these years, although also controversial, but did not have any major problems, but also from time to time to get the public’s affirmation, I hope he can keep going, overturned can be absolutely can’t do.