Son Heung-min became “Chinese” and celebrated the Chinese New Year with Actress Tang Jiali, which caused the dissatisfaction of South Korea

2022-06-03 0 By

Thing is, February 6 day care tottenham spurs home fa cup fourth round tie against Brighton scene, spurs official club on the pitch screen with the south Korean star cloth Min with Chinese women’s football players Tang Jiali posters of the Chinese lunar New Year celebration, congratulate the New Year with the Chinese year of the tiger in Chinese zodiac image, the picture and released on the official social media.South Korean fans began to feel restless, saying in the comment boards that Son heung-min was Korean and why did they celebrate The Chinese New Year?The South Korean media also attacked it as a case of western ignorance of Eastern culture, and Spurs officials later withdrew the photo.South Korean media are asking whether the release of the photos was approved by Son himself.South Koreans were a little excited about tottenham’s own goal, even envious. They blamed Kane’s blessing on Behalf of Tottenham officials for Tang Jiali’s victory in the Asian Women’s Cup final, and blamed Tottenham officials for forgetting the Korean women’s team behind Son.In fact, Koreans can be more generous. First of all, there is no malice in the club’s behavior. Second, Son has a large number of fans in China, and he wishes that the Chinese New Year will further enhance his popularity.