Shenzhen teachers show their pay slips, far more than ordinary civil servants, who still says that teachers’ salaries are low

2022-06-03 0 By

In many people’s minds, teachers are synonymous with “low salary”, and complaints about teachers’ salaries are everywhere on the Internet.However, the treatment of the system is not so simple as we think, the composition of teachers’ salary is very complicated, teachers’ salaries in different regions are completely different.When it comes to the highest salaries for teachers in China, it’s probably Shenzhen.What is the salary level of teachers in Shenzhen?Today I’m here to show you who will say that teachers are underpaid in the future.In the teacher group, it is not easy to evaluate the senior title, most of the teachers are intermediate title.Many teachers in Shenzhen are college graduates, young, so they are mainly intermediate titles.An intermediate secondary title of the district teachers, monthly salary after tax in about 9000 yuan, two post 12 level 3240 yuan, 11 level 3300 yuan, every month housing subsidy 2400 yuan, provident fund 5600 yuan, if the head teacher has 1500 yuan subsidy.These are paid monthly, 12 months a year.Annual performance payment 3.7 times, can reach about 80,000 yuan.All told, that’s close to $350,000 a year.If it is an intermediate title, each of the above projects will be paid hundreds of yuan more, the annual performance will be more than 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, and the comprehensive income will reach nearly 400,000 yuan.If it is not a district but a city, the overall treatment will be lower, according to the different schools, about tens of thousands of lower.But no matter what, more than 300,000 is no problem.The threshold is very high, the competition is very fierce Shenzhen teachers so high treatment, naturally also attracted a large number of talents for examination.Last year, it was reported that more than half of the interviewees in the four major universities in Shenzhen had a doctor’s degree, and all the others started with a postgraduate degree.In addition, many teachers in Shenzhen say that education alone is not enough, and some schools also require that they must be key normal university students, the same major as master’s degree, etc., which eliminated a large number of people from the threshold.Everyone who can take the exam is elite, to stand out from a number of outstanding students, in order to successfully shore, enjoy such a good treatment.Some netizens may say that the housing price in Shenzhen is so high that teachers can’t afford to buy an apartment even at 300,000 yuan a year. Girls are ok, but boys are not suitable.In fact, it is wrong to say that the quality of life of shenzhen teachers is actually very high, after all, the absolute annual income is there, how can not be bad.In addition, buying a house is not a matter of one person, but also requires the efforts of the other half. Teachers usually find the target of the system, and the probability of their income is almost the same. When two people buy a house together, the pressure is much less.What do you think about the income of teachers in Shenzhen?How long will it take for teachers elsewhere to reach this level?Can say oneself view!