Henan weihui: a good man must have good karma!

2022-06-03 0 By

On January 24, Kong Xiangwei, a good man in China, and the love volunteer Union team, linzhiyuan Love Porridge House, and osmanthus tree love volunteer team came to visit volunteer Li Jinguo in the family Courtyard of the railway station, sent holiday gifts, and wished her a speedy recovery and return to the public welfare team.Are Li Jinguo volunteers’ zhi yuan love porridge house of love, for a long time, has been the porridge house sanitation worker silently dedication affectionately known as “aunt”, some time ago, “aunt” on the way home from love porridge house suddenly fainted, passers-by will be sent to the new doctor YiFuYuan rescue, classics doctor is diagnosed as small on the left side of the cerebral hemorrhage broken into ventricles, multiple lacunar cerebral infarction.Love volunteer union team, Linzhi Yuan love porridge house, osmanthus tree love volunteer team learned that the situation, immediately understand the “fruit aunt” condition and treatment.In order to further promote the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”, they issued a proposal of offering love in each volunteer service team group, calling on the caring people from all walks of life to actively donate money to help Li Jiguo tide over the difficulties, and raised 102,805 yuan in a short time.The volunteers had a heart-to – heart talk with the family members of “Guo Yi” and asked about their cold and warmth, so that “Guo Yi” could fully feel the care and warmth of the volunteer family.”Fruit aunt” daughter Tao Shasha said excitedly to the volunteers: “Thank the volunteers for our concern, thank the good Samaritan!”