The new SS yellow ape is coming, have you ever been kicked?

2022-06-02 0 By

Everyone is well, misty summer fungus report.The recruitment of White is over, it’s time for the encore, and the next SS character has already been announced: General Yellow Ape, a fearsome, supernova-legged monster.1, Yellow ape confirmed that the official directly issued a propaganda picture, this is very obvious, the new SS is yellow ape, the original in shambo Island islands, beat a lot of supernova scalp numb admiral of the navy headquarters.Yellow ape was tested with white Beard. At that time, I liked yellow Ape better than Old White, with high playability, silky feel and comfortable general attack.Then because it is the Spring Festival, let the old white first, and the fact that the old White Spring Festival is really good performance.2, yellow ape skills related to the same, yellow ape skills have actually been stripped out in advance, no rut, every time always inexplicable ran out of a ghost.I can’t tell you the details, but I can tell you a general idea.Yellow ape is also similar to the old white, has the general attack trigger replacement skill, very cool eight-foot mirror is to trigger the general attack to trigger the replacement skill.In the whole skill system of yellow ape, my favorite is to use this eight-foot mirror, the sound effect is also very sense, follow the light through, and then give the opposite side of the air kick, super cool.Other skills include elements and counterattacks.Also, when the yellow ape energy bar is full, it seems to give extra abilities…It’s been so long since the test, I can’t remember.But the yellow ape also has a disadvantage, that is the skill attack range, generally not too far (except a fighting skill).It is understandable, however, that the scope is limited by the dominance of skill mechanics.Bacteria said skill performance, the most shocking was the old white, the most flowery is luo, but the most silky and the most handsome should be yellow ape, that small skills and general attack, flying around in the air, experience is very comfortable.PVE, yellow ape I didn’t test, so I don’t know.Well, that’s the end of this round. Thanks for reading. Bye.