Promoting Fair Consumption together: China Consumers’ Association held an activity themed “March 15 International Consumer Rights Day”

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Beijing, March 15 (Huang Sheng, Jiao Lei) Today, China Consumers Association hosted an online theme activity of “March 15, 2022 International Consumer Rights Day” in the No.1 studio of People’s Daily Online.The event was organized around the theme of the 2022 Year of Consumer Rights Protection “Jointly Promoting Consumer Equity”.On the same day, the event released the annual theme survey report of China Consumers’ Association in 2022. Sixty percent of the respondents had a good perception of consumer fairness, but the trust level of online consumption was lower than that of offline consumption. The data results of the annual theme survey conveyed the aspirations of consumers and provided an important reference for promoting the construction of consumer environment and improving consumer satisfaction and sense of gain.Ten typical Cases of Consumer association organizations safeguarding Consumer Justice in 2020-2021 were released, covering current hot issues of consumer rights protection.Including smart TV ads do not shut down, boot gas company forced sale of gas, studio induced low drainage for consumer credit, training institutions of business without authorization refund, vehicle maintenance and repair parts true, highway set up checked posts limit traffic to collect tolls, without the consent of the guardian for minors human body, or a foreign airline delays due to force majeure refund, open to booking a foot bath package card is difficult to make an appointment is not a refund,Jewelry stores oversell to older consumers.These cases reflect the inequities in the consumption field from different angles and the efforts made by consumer association organizations to promote consumption fairness, which is conducive to warning operators to take this as a warning, honest and trustworthy, operate in accordance with the law, and truly implement the principle of fairness to all links, so that the majority of consumers feel substantial fairness.It launched a large-scale public welfare publicity activity of “Optimize consumption experience and Promote consumption equity”, and issued enterprise proposals, advocating enterprises in all industries to take active actions to optimize consumption experience and promote consumption equity together.In the theme activities, the relevant industry associations actively respond to support the Consumer association “promote consumer equity” year theme initiative activities, will be committed to working with the Consumer association to jointly create a “optimize consumer experience to promote consumer equity” social atmosphere, common governance of industry chaos, but also a fair and assured consumer environment.The “2021 Consumer Rights Protection Person of the Year” was announced, showing the moving deeds of ordinary consumers, public rights defenders and rights protection workers to the society, and setting an example for the whole society.The event released the “fair consumption, Promote Joint Construction” initiative.On the same day, the “People’s Complaints” platform of released the platform data report of 2021, and analyzed the main characteristics of consumer rights protection of “people’s Complaints” in 2021.At the same time, People’s Daily Online Institute of Finance and Economics (National Consumption Center) announced the establishment of the research topic of “Consumption equity — Promoting Co-construction”, and collected typical cases of “consumption equity, Promoting Co-construction” for various industries in the consumption field.Some enterprises also responded positively, centering on the theme of “Fair consumption, Mutual Promotion and Joint Construction”, and further building consensus through online initiatives.The campaign is supported by consumers International.Helena Larente, director General of the International Federation of Consumers, sent a message on behalf of the International Federation of Consumers, affirming the theme of “Promoting consumer Justice together” and looking forward to the development prospect of Consumer rights protection in China.Chinese consumers association vice president and secretary General Zhu Jianqiao pointed out in his message that the past year is a milestone in the history of the Party and the country.The first centenary goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects was achieved on schedule, and the second centenary goal of fully building a modern socialist country has embarked on a new journey.Last year, China’s GDP reached 114 trillion yuan, of which final consumer spending contributed 65.4 percent to economic growth. The super-large domestic market with 1.4 billion consumers has become a ballast for economic growth, and consumption has played a stable and fundamental role in economic development.At the same time, solid steps have been taken to realize people’s longing for a better life. According to the consumer satisfaction evaluation results of 100 cities nationwide just released by China Consumers’ Association, the comprehensive score of consumer satisfaction is 80.59, which has been steadily rising for four consecutive years and has broken the 80 mark for the first time.In 2021, there are still many problems to be solved in the consumption sector, and there is a long way to go to promote fair consumption.China Consumers Association will this year’s consumer rights protection year theme is determined as “jointly promote consumption fairness”, mainly considering that in the field of life and consumption, consumers’ growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development are still prominent contradictions;We need to further equalize access to basic public services such as housing, medical care and education.Rural consumers, elderly consumers and other special consumer groups and the pace of the development of The Times there is still a big gap;All kinds of infringements on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers still occur from time to time. Issues of intra-generational and inter-generational consumption fairness, such as the information technology gap, excessive consumption stratification and frequent waste, have aroused widespread concern in society.In 2022, China’s consumers’ associations will fully fulfill their duties for public welfare in accordance with the law. They will continue to strengthen consumer rights protection work, including policy and legal research, consumer supervision in areas related to people’s livelihood, consumer education and guidance, and consumer complaint handling, and give full play to their role as a platform for public welfare social organizations.The theme activity of “March 15, 2022 International Consumer Rights Day” hosted by China Consumers’ Association.From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the same day, The Chinese Consumers’ Association also carried out the “315 You ask, I answer” expert lawyer video q&A activity on the official Weibo platform of the Chinese Consumers’ Association. Based on the topic collection in the early stage,We invited lawyers from China Consumers’ Association to answer questions through videos and provide professional guidance on online shopping, food safety, merchants’ obligation to fulfill “three guarantees”, pre-paid consumption, and unfair standard terms.CCCC hopes that all sectors of society will continue to support the cause of consumer rights protection, and looks forward to working with consumers and business operators to promote more substantial progress in consumer equity.