People who really want to break up are mostly very quiet

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Fall in love, there are always some people, often like to break up hanging in the mouth.A little bit of a conflict, and then they will kick up a row, but also directly said to break up.Even said, will not only say break up, but also directly refuse to communicate, run away from home, a very determined appearance.Such a person, it seems that do not want to pass, in fact, but just because too care about, so more sad, with noisy vent their dissatisfaction, hope the other side can coax yourself.If the other side a little better tone, say a few nice words, express the love in the heart, she will often forget all the unpleasantries, directly back to the other side, and then the other side good together.She never really wanted to break up, just wanted attention, wanted to be loved.Really want to break up, she will never be like this, make so big noise, will only be special quiet.No complaints, just silence.A friend was having a relationship with his wife. At the beginning, the other was always complaining.It seems that I hope he can share the housework with me, instead of just playing with the mobile phone. It seems that I am too tired to take care of the children, and I hope he can also join me. It seems that I have no money and want him to give me some money.He turned a deaf ear to his wife’s complaints every time, and later, she never said anything to him. He just did things around the house by himself, letting his mother take care of the children and earning money to support himself.For this reason, he was once complacent, thinking that even if he did nothing, his wife could do a good job, he really found a good wife, he also trained his wife very well.He thought his wife was very easy, such a day can continue, but later, his wife just gave him a divorce agreement.The person who wants to leave, she is like this, before really making up her mind, she will have a lot of words to say, will hope that the other party can change, but, when her hope is always disappointed, she will also start to give up.There won’t be any complaints, there won’t be too many words, just a person quietly live well.She became silent, that is not her sensible, but she is in the accumulation of strength, gradually let themselves become strong enough, also become strong enough, waiting for the arrival of the day to leave.I don’t keep saying goodbye and just walk away.Some people, she said to break up, while standing in situ, kept saying to go, but also has not gone far.Every time say, every step forward, always looking forward to the other side will pull themselves.Even if he doesn’t hold her back, she’ll find some way to get back to him after that.A lot of leave, but just in the test, want to know in each other’s heart, how much weight.The one time she really wanted to leave, she didn’t keep making noises, she didn’t keep stressing, she just quietly packed her bags and closed the door very quietly.She might say she’s leaving, or she might not say anything at all.On a very ordinary day, everything seemed the same, but she was not the same.It seemed that she had just gone out as usual and would be back soon, but she was really not coming back.Once upon a time, she is so softhearted, want to be together for a lifetime, a pair of anything will happen in the appearance, that time, she is so determined, can put down all.Left all the relevant things, also left all the memories of the past, just a person walking forward, appear so light.Don’t accept any kindness, just want to get away.There are people who want to, the other side a little show, will all kinds of grievances, and then quickly reconciled.Because there is no want to separate, or want to be together with each other, go together in the future.Really want to break up, has been in the heart of the boundaries of the people, once left, will not accept any apology and confession.At this time, no matter what kind of small composition, how much heartfelt words, what gifts, she will always behave very calm, there will be no emotional ups and downs, and will not be moved by it.As if, all this has nothing to do with her at all, the person whom the other side detains is not she, but someone else.For the first time, the other side will find that she also has such a rational and calm side, and her calm even makes people feel very afraid, with a feeling of not daring to approach and ask for anything.From then on, she just wanted to quietly go on with her life in the future, no longer look back, no longer hope to see their loved one, just focus on the present, focus on this moment.For the past, in her heart, she no longer have any imagination, want, want to pursue, are now, but also in the future years.She had made up her mind to take a break and then fall in love with a new man.Choose to be with someone, and no one will easily choose to let go.All hope each other can be long, the best can be until the age.However, no matter how beautiful they think, all things, it is the development of change after all.Love can change, hearts can change, relationships can change.Really to that day, really can not go on, the other party is really not worth, do not have to reluctantly, or can quietly leave, let the other party to go to the future you want, but also let yourself have a new start.It doesn’t matter, along the way, who have the right to choose again, who can follow their heart.Want oneself never to live up to the other side only, never sorry this feeling, often think of past, do not feel regret, so choose to break up, really also do not have what can’t.Text/Tan Meng picture/Network