New era BYD compact SUV PRO shock listing

2022-06-02 0 By

Compact SUV Yuan PRO shock listing “Grateful feedback, great gift” please accept our store for you carefully prepared gift bar!!: Those who leave money online and go to the shop to see the car can enjoy a beautiful small gift;: Online consulting customers enjoy free exclusive VIP service travel courtesy;: Free used car evaluation, used car price directly offset the new car price;: Network customers enjoy (details: 4001401545 can enjoy this discount) network to the store customers enjoy a boutique gift package, booking car can also enjoy priority lift car;Hefei city’s largest BYD shop new era 4S shop, located in yaohai industrial park lingshi Road and daze road intersection.Take metro Line 3 to Douqiaowan station, along lingshi road 200 meters to the north.Or bus line 130 to Baoling intersection stop, no. 49 bus to Meijia ambry stop.The store environment is good, owners rest area convenient life in one, for each new and old customers to provide free car wash, free test drive, free lunch, gym, tea break, Wifi, TV, computer, books.Comfortable and comfortable waiting for the car to take on a new look.Make an appointment to see a car customer hefei urban area can pick up.Dedicated to each new and old customer intimate service!For more information, call 4001401545.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)