Hubei Shiyan: illegal mining turquoise wool 8 men involved in dangerous operation crime was detained

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“Everybody out, get your heads down!”On December 5, 2021, 23 o ‘clock, baoxia town, Yunyang District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Yungai temple Turquoise mine park inspection team in the patrol protection of the mine sharp found that the mine hole was just tramped on traces, inspectors trace, found 3 men illegally mining turquoise wool in the hole, and quickly alarm.After a detailed visit to the investigation, the police found out: at 21 o ‘clock on the same day, Zhao Lin, Wang Gang, Xu Jun and other 8 people in the mine without any mining approval procedures, and knowing that there are huge safety risks in the mine hole, venture into the turquoise mine hole, illegal mining turquoise wool 7925 grams.Due to darkness and complex conditions inside the mine, five other men managed to evade capture during the operation that night.After reporting the situation, the principal of Yunyang district branch attached great importance to it and quickly set up a special team to investigate, requiring deepening the special action of “finding and blocking prevention” to protect mineral resources and eliminate safety risks as soon as possible.Handling the case police overcome a variety of difficulties, will be involved in the remaining 5 men arrested case.Police and mine inspectors eat and live together, many adventures into the narrow space, anoxic theft hole, the scene to carry out investigation and evidence collection work.At the same time, a third-party organization was hired to evaluate the safety of the mine illegally mined by 8 people, confirming that the mine had major potential safety hazards, and finally confirming the criminal evidence of 8 people suspected of dangerous operation crime.On January 19, the eight men involved in the case were detained by the Yunyang District Public Security Sub-bureau for the crime of dangerous operation.On the 28th of the same month, eight people were arrested in accordance with the law.It is reported that the case is the first criminal case involving dangerous operation crime detected in Yunyang District since the implementation of the Amendment to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China (11) on March 1, 2021.”Continuously increase the collection and crackdown on all kinds of illegal and criminal clues, crack down on illegal and criminal mining of mineral resources, spare no effort to protect mineral resources and plug up loopholes and holes in the loss of national mineral resources.”According to shiyan city public Security Bureau yunyang district branch introduced, in order to further strengthen the mine regulation, the bureau relies on the “find block prevention” special action, actively strive for district government support, implement the relevant unit main responsibility,The working pattern of mine inspection team patrolling and protecting mines at 24 hours, natural resources law enforcement squadron investigating and dealing with administrative illegal acts, town government’s territorial management actively launching publicity, public security organs cracking down on illegal and criminal acts, and meanwhile refining the work measures such as full coverage of video surveillance, full blocking of stealing mining holes, and heavy rewards for reporting clues.Formed a “find, hit, pipe, blocking, publicity, prevention” work closed loop, to maintain the stability of the area of public order.Since last year, through the linkage and cooperation, Shiyan city public security Bureau Yunyang district branch accumulative total capture steal mining illegal personnel 35 people, disperse digs to pick up turquoise slag masses more than 100 person-time, carry out law popularization special education 4 times, to eliminate the maximum extent involved in the unstable factors, has achieved good legal and social effects.(Correspondent: Song Jianbin, Zhang Jun) Source: Changjiang River