“Bear children” play artillery fire barren slope, firefighters and villagers together to put out the fire

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Firefighters and local people put out a fire on the third day of the Chinese New Year in Longmenya, Yanting county, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, Feb 3, 2018.According to villagers, children playing with artillery set fire to the barren slope. A local villager suggested that parents in rural areas designate a “firecracker” safety zone for their children near their homes during the Spring Festival.On the third day of the year, Sichuan Yanting Longmen ya a barren slope fire.An official of the local village committee also confirmed to the Paper.cn (www.thepaper.cn) that according to their preliminary understanding, the fire is believed to be caused by children playing with artillery and accidentally burning the dry grass on the hillside.But the specific situation needs to be confirmed by the relevant departments.4 PM on February 3, Sichuan province S413 highway Yanting longmen Ya section near a barren slope is burning, nearby mountains.The Paper news saw at the scene, firefighters and villagers are in the fire extinguishing, fortunately, barren slope were cut by the road, firefighting personnel concentrated in the left and right directions to fight, the fire was soon under control.Firefighters worked with local village officials to put out the fire.According to a nearby villager, she was sleeping at that time, heard someone Shouting “fire”, she followed up to get up and ran out of the door to see, found that the barren slope is burning, many other villagers have been running to the scene, ready to put out the fire.I don’t know who first called 119. She just arrived on the scene, followed by the fire and rescue vehicle.”From the moment the fire was discovered to the moment it was put out, it took about 10 to 20 minutes,” the villager said.The paper noted that yanting county in Sichuan province is a hilly area, the fire site in the countryside, more than 20 minutes away from the local fire brigade headquarters.The villager said it was very quick for the fire rescue vehicle to arrive at the scene and put out the fire in such a short time.According to a staff member of the Salt Ting fire rescue brigade, now the disposal of rural fire can be so fast, mainly after the fire brigade has set up fire stations throughout the county, fire rescue personnel can arrive at the scene in the first time to dispose of all kinds of dangerous situations, which is very practical in the rural villages and towns of high mountains and far roads.At present, Yanting fire rescue brigade in the county’s main towns or regions have set up six fire stations.The local fire brigade arrived at the scene soon after the bushfire broke out.Thepaper.cn noted that the entire burned area of the barren slope is about two or three mu, which is a certain distance from the nearby villagers’ houses. There are few attachments on the barren slope, so there is little damage.Village officials said fire and local government departments arrived soon after the fire broke out.During the Spring Festival, all departments, from the village to the local government, are on full duty to prevent such emergencies.Mr Zhu, who took his children back to his hometown from Chengdu, said it was traditional for children and adults to play with firecrackers during the Spring Festival in the countryside, but fire safety was also very important.(This article is from thepaper.cn. For more original news, please download thepaper.cn APP.)