When Queen Meng Guqing was pregnant, she was abandoned. When she returned home to give birth to her son, the emperor wanted to take her over

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In ancient times, as an emperor, he had three palaces, six palaces and 72 concubines. Among these concubines, the most exalted one was the empress, who held the power of the harem.However, despite her great status, the empress could not resist the emperor’s will.However, during the Qing Dynasty, there was one empress who was deposed while pregnant.What’s more amazing is that the empress directly chose to go home after being dethronedto have children. Even if the emperor wanted to take the child back to the palace, he only got a strong reply from the other side: take the troops.So who was the most sayful empress of the Qing Dynasty?What is her story?Today, let’s have a chat.The emperor in question is Shunzhi, as we all know, Shunzhi was the third emperor of the Qing Dynasty. He was born in 1638 and died in 1661.According to relevant historical records, Emperor Shunzhi was very sad after his favorite concubine and son died of smallpox. His gaunt body was also infected with smallpox and finally died of the disease.According to some historians, emperor Shunzhi did not die in 1661, but chose to become a monk.However, many people have questioned the second point, as the emperor which is so easy to become a monk.Even if the emperor chose to become a monk, but there was no monk willing to shave the emperor’s degree, so some people gave a moderate answer: “Although the Shunzhi Emperor had the intention of becoming a monk, he did not succeed in the end,” which was also “the only one” in history.Just because of this, many people have the impression that emperor Shunzhi loves the country, but loves beautiful people more.One of emperor Shunzhi’s favorite concubines was the empress Xiaoxian, also known as Princess Dong E.She was born in 1639 AD, lived only to 21 years old, died in 1660 AD, and was named the Emperor Of the Qing Dynasty Xiaoxian Empress.Shunzhi emperor’s favorite woman, filial piety xian queen Dong E princess is shunzhi emperor’s favorite woman, just into the palace, was awarded as the west imperial concubine, xian princess.According to relevant historical records, the title of Imperial Concubine of the West palace meant that she was given the title as a ping wife, not as a concubine.At the same time, the “Princess of the West” more reflects her love for the holy pet.Later, Princess Dong was conferred the title of Emperor’s Noble Consort after she entered the palace for only about a month, and even on the day she was conferred the title, the emperor granted amnesty to the whole world for her.This is the only rare instance in the centuries-old history of the Qing Dynasty in which a woman in a harem was granted amnesty simply because she was conferred a title.From this kind of sign, all show the emperor shunzhi to her a deep feeling.The reason why the Shunzhi Emperor liked this woman was that Concubine Dong was his bosom friend, and he expected her to be his future wife.Although Princess Dong e’s background is not strong, but she is very proficient in Sinology, and gentle and virtuous.The emperor and Princess Dong were in the palace, but they were more like an ordinary couple. When the emperor was busy with government affairs, Princess Dong would be beside him to add tea and grind ink, and when the emperor was down, she would arrange the emperor’s meals.In addition, the emperor was willing to share some things in class with Princess Dong after class, which deepened the affection between the emperor and Princess Dong and they also had more common topics.However, the day does not follow people’s wish, Dong E Princess in the birth of the child, because of a variety of diseases and children have passed away.In other words, among the empress of the Emperor Shunzhi, there was one who had the opposite experience with Princess Dong e. She was meng Guqing, the first empress of the Emperor Shunzhi and the heroine of our story today.Meng Guqing was the first empress of the Shunzhi Emperor and the only empress to be deposed in the Qing Dynasty. There are no specific historical records about the date of her birth.All we know is that Meng Guqing was conferred the title of empress in the eighth and eighth year of Shunzhi, but was relegated to the rank of concubine only two years later.Meng Guqing’s birth is very noble, she comes from horqin grassland, is the brightest pearl on the grassland.In addition, she was the niece of Empress Xiaozhuang Wen, which also caused Meng Guqing to be very arrogant and domineering, extremely wayward temper.Perhaps it is just like this, so that shunzhi emperor does not like this wife, coupled with the wife is then regent Duergun married for him, all sorts of reasons add up, for the final “waste” buried foreshadowing.In addition, emperor Shunzhi and Meng Guqing’s marriage, how much also had some political factors mixed among them.After emperor Shunzhi ascended to the throne, the government was not stable, and the real power of government was not in the hands of the emperor, but in the hands of the prince regent.In addition, although the Qing Dynasty succeeded in establishing a state, the Mongols were also very powerful at the beginning of the state.In order to stabilize the government, the Emperors of the Qing Dynasty often married with Mongolian nobles to gain their support.From this point of view, it is also true that the marriage between Emperor Shunzhi and Meng Guqing is a political marriage, and they do not have too much affection.The two of them, one the most honorable Emperor of the Qing Dynasty and the other the most honorable princess of the Mongol race, made it difficult for them to get one to be obedient to the other when they got along.After a long period of accumulation, the bad blood between the emperor and the empress increased, and the contradiction became more serious.Therefore, in the tenth year of Shunzhi, the emperor finally could not stand the pampered empress and chose to depose the empress.Even when most of the officials refused, shunzhi vowed to remove the empress even if his reputation was damaged.Finally, after some disputes in the court, the empress was deposed and demoted to the rank of static consort.Shunzhi’s behavior also greatly angered Meng Guqing, after all, the queen of the abandoned family background is strong, so Meng Guqing chose to return to the grassland, although in the palace, can enjoy countless glory and wealth, but she loves the freedom and unrestrained grassland.Far from the prison of the palace, Meng Guqing lived like a duck to water on the grassland.But to Meng Guqing’s surprise, after returning to the grassland, she found that she was already pregnant, and later gave birth smoothly.The news was transmitted back to the Qing Dynasty, which quickly stirred up the whole government.After all, the deposed empress is pregnant with the blood of the Qing emperor, in the eyes of these courtiers, the royal blood is absolutely not outside.Under the pressure of the court shunzhi emperor, also had to choose to pick up the abandoned queen back to the palace, there is the emperor son.However, meng Guqing received the imperial edict in the dynasty, due to the early years of the emperor was completely hurt to the heart, do not want to return to the palace.In addition, Meng Guqing’s father and brother are very fond of her, but also directly to the Emperor of The Qing Dynasty, if you must pick meng Guqing back to the palace, then follow in her side and Mongolian tieqi.It means simple, if you dare to pick it up, then we will attack you.In the face of such a strong expression of the Mongols, even the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty could not easily let the deposed empress back to the palace.In this way, pregnant Meng Guqing stayed on the grassland.As for meng Guqing’s outcome, there are not too many historical records, but with the love of her father and brother, I think she will be full of vitality and vitality, and become the proud little princess on the grassland.What do you think about that?