When I saw Sun Yingsha in the Asian Games, I knew Malone was dangerous, and he replaced him

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Singapore grand slam has just ended, the international table tennis federation announced couldn’t wait to international rankings, FanZhenDong world first, Malone came second, NvPing broke the original pattern, the title of Chen Meng to return to the world first throne, runner-up Wang Man yu was not so lucky, while forward a let a person happy, but also ranks third behind Sun YingshaThe last Asian Games women’s single champion is not eligible to participate in the Asian Games at home, many people feel sorry for her, when see Sun Yingsha can participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, know Ma Long dangerous, and replace him must be Wang Chuqin.Wang Chuqin before a grand slam in Singapore, the ping is released in the top two to participate in the second half of the Asian games in hangzhou, just after the Singapore grand slam, fans still immersed in the memories linger, the international table tennis federation was announced the international rankings, snap monkey monkey, FanZhenDong ranked the first, no doubt, and broken, or the first integral veteran Malone followed,They successfully got the tickets for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Fan Zhendong is the master of the men’s table tennis bar, so it is a must to participate in the games, while Ma Long, a 34-year-old veteran player, has a possibility but not very much to participate in the games, and will give up this precious opportunity. As for who to give up, no one can guess until the last moment.Sun Yingsha Chen Meng beat “enemies” Wang Man yu Singapore grand slam singles champion title, Chen Meng finally broke through the months of the downturn, the Chen Meng into happy don’t want to so many, to calm a want to realize the title have the effect of an arrow 3 carve, to become the world’s first, announced the return of the king, the second NvPing “big sister” of back,Finally locked the hangzhou Asian singles, the winner Wang Man yu while edging out ITO beauty in the world rankings cheng came third, with the Asian games haven’t pleased to find that the door is race, many people all felt sorry for Wang Man yu, and the second Sun Yingsha luckier, when see Sun Yingsha to participate in the Asian games, will know that Malone dangerous,And his replacement must be Wang Chuqin.Why is Ma Long Wang Chuqin?The Wang Chuqin aside, say two people have the opportunity to, first will first think of Liang Jingkun, Liang Jingkun ranks third in the world, and theory of strength are fully qualified and singles, no doubt, doubles is complimentary, followed by Lin gao yuan, concerning world ranking is qualified, the theory of strength would wither, in the game a ratio a bad,And they are both Mesozoic players, not the best candidate in age. Now wang Chuqin, although only ranked in the 12th, he is the best in terms of strength among young people. His performance in this Grand Slam tournament is worthy of praise, but the big brother Ma Long only 2:3 after defeat, his biggest strength is the mixed doubles partner sun Yingsha, Houston World Table Tennis Championships and just ended in the Grand Slam have won the success, is the best successor xu Xin Liu Shiwen, if ma Long withdrew, can replace him must be Wang Chuqin no doubt.