Shen Jing appearance time cut in half lead to doubt!Silas’s teaching skills are limited!Knicks future?

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The Rockets took on the clippers in their final game before the All-Star break, and the clippers took the initiative in a convincing 142-111 home victory.Wood recovered this game, Gordon back-to-back rested, the Rockets sent Schroeder, Green, Matthews, Tate, Wood five players composed of the starting lineup.Shen jing a game against the SUNS, scored 19 points and 14 rebounds, two pairs of data but the game was kicked out of the starting lineup, playing time reduced to 14 minutes, than on a 28 minutes of playing time cut in half, it also creates the game he only get poor 4 points and 3 rebounds and 4 assists.Tyronn lue can take the clippers to the eighth spot in the West without Leonard and Paul George this season, the coaching level has long been recognized by industry insiders, compared to the Rockets head coach Silas business ability and lue guidance compared to the obvious gap.According to American media reports, when the Rockets choose a handsome, Tyron.Lue was the first choice, and Harden urged him to join the team, but fertitta chose Silas to save money, a selection that indirectly led to Harden’s departure.The use of Shin in the past two seasons epitomized a lack of talent during Silas’s two seasons with the Rockets, where the team has failed to improve and has done a poor job of developing young players.Play of the game, the wood is also not satisfactory, played 24 minutes, scored 13 points and 7 rebounds, boasts star for the team, but to come up with convincing performance, leakage defenders also blame teammate Martin, the rocket in the array, in addition to a “troublemaker” player of the other little potter, I’m afraid no one is willing to trust him again.It seems that rafer’s failure to trade wood in the offseason is not a good thing for the team. Silas lacks the courage to hire and Wood’s presence hinders Shin Kyung, who is now learning from hakeem Olajuwon.The game, Mr Schroder for 30 minutes, scored nine points and 3 rebounds 9 assists, 2 steals, although on the efficiency score is less than a, but still do very well in terms of organization series, no matter from the passing time, pass accuracy, breakthrough ability, the ball speed of enthusiasm, defensive ability of many aspects, such as on small potter.After the All-Star break, porter returned from injury, who will be the rockets starting point guard will be placed in front of Silas the biggest question.In addition, the rockets and point guard Dai Shen.The Knicks signed a four-year deal worth $6 million.He has appeared in 27 D-League games, averaging 19.7 points, six assists, 5.6 rebounds and 2.3 steals.The Knicks are 1.93 meters tall and weigh 103 kilograms (Harden’s official weight is only 100 kilograms). He was the last draft pick of the year, left undrafted because of his lack of 3-point shooting ability, and has improved his 3-point shooting to around 40 percent through DEVELOPMENT league training.He could be the rockets’ point guard of the future if the Knicks get more practice, as the rockets have no pressure to produce results this season.What do you think the Rockets should do for the rest of the season?