Inclination gather together a few, write New Year for you

2022-06-01 0 By

One, teach a teacher how to suck a fish false gentle, can’t write poetry with words spell.Raise mobile phone to take photos, joyfully celebrate the New Year.Two, branches magpie Spring Festival, laughter and exciting people.I also sentimental Yin shengshi, thick flavor more warm.Spring is coming again. I wish you a fortune this year.Peace is the only good world, no disaster no disease the most laugh.Although the cold wind is still blowing, everything is renewed and spring is thick.I wish you a prosperous life and a prosperous career.Five, the dawn breaks quietly, to ride the east wind high waves.Chant poetry and thousands of sentences, the central idea of lotao.Although the flavor is not too strong, the earth may spring breeze.New Year has come to the heart of worship, and I sing shengshi sentiment.Dimly see the vitality of seven, thousands of families celebrate spring, urban and rural fu man.Although there is no serious epidemic, PROUD I am Chinese!Eight, every day exercises benefit body and mind, spring, summer, autumn and winter feeling deep.Four seasons without scenery, the mood is quiet from heaven and earth.Afterword: yesterday morning exercise, see the spring breeze, pleasant scenery, then disorderly disorderly write, gather together a group of seven unique to welcome the New Year.