After three talks broke down, US forces plan to occupy Kaliningrad in seven days. Will China step in?

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Russia has always been disliked by the Western countries. When Russia was first founded, it was close to the West, but soon Russia realized that the United States would not be Russia’s friend, China was Russia’s friend.Later, the relationship between China and Russia became better and better, and Russia’s economic development was helped by China. After the economic development, Russia’s military strength also began to increase.This has made the West more fearful of Russia, and has led to wave after wave of strikes.As Russia moves troops across the border in the wake of unrest in eastern Ukraine, the West is fuming.Western countries have accused Russia of invading Ukraine and demanded it withdraw its troops.Russia says it won’t invade Ukraine, but the United States and Europe disagree and are ready to provide military support to Ukraine, and Ukraine is trying to speed up the process of joining NATO.Russia is firmly opposed to this.Led by the United States, NATO has always wanted to expand to the east, has always wanted to take Ukraine into the arms, but doing so will seriously threaten the security of Russia, recently on the issue of Ukraine and NATO eastward expansion, Russia, the United States and European countries held three consecutive talks.However, the talks with the United States, NATO and the OSCE have not yielded desired results.During the talks, the US and EU rejected the Russian proposal.After three talks broke down, the United States made a momentous decision.According to the US media, Putin could be sanctioned, but not if Russia does not take action in Ukraine.In addition, NATO is working on a military plan for the U.S. army to occupy Kaliningrad in seven days.It is rich in oil resources and its port is a static port, a catalyst for the Russian economy.Western control of the region would be a near disaster for Russia.China and Russia are friendly countries, and the mutual trust between the two sides has reached an unprecedented height. It is not like an alliance is better than an alliance. But at present, the cooperation between the two countries is limited to non-military areas such as economy.Will China act when kaliningrad is attacked militarily?The answer is yes, China must.China and Russia are neighbors. When a group dies, the teeth are cold.After all, if Ukraine joined NATO, Russia would be outgunned by the US and China’s security would be threatened, so China and Russia would have to be on the same side.Of course, China does not want a war between the United States and Russia, because war is always lose-lose, the economy will be stagnant or even backward, and there will be serious social security problems, which are the harm of war.In fact, the possibility of China’s involvement in a war is very small, because a real war between the United States and Russia is very difficult to happen, and the Deployment of Russian missiles in Kaliningrad alone is enough to make the United States drink a pot of water, I believe that the United States will not take risks lightly.Disclaimer: This article is created by “times interpretation”, pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Some of the news comes from global Times