A Public health worker in Wanggezhuang Street Community Health Service Center, Laoshan District

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This article is from: peninsula network peninsula network March 28, superior order, organization see action, the masses are in danger, party members rushed in front.At present, the outbreak in the critical stage, there is such a group of people, they in order to maintain the public health security and promoting residents’ health as the mission, and clinical medical workers, regardless of their personal safety, day tour, to take on responsibilities, use own practical action in the “thick Germany, fine medical, tolerance, forge ahead” at the center of the spirit and the bear.They are laoshan District Wanggezhuang street community health service center public health management department medical staff.Party members rushed in front, flow adjustment without complaint.Sui Li, a party veteran of nearly 20 years.Since the beginning of COVID-19 prevention and control across the country, China has shuttled back and forth across the “battlefields” of epidemic prevention and control with the belief that “epidemic is an order and prevention and control a responsibility”.In March this year, the epidemic repeated, she once again incarnate as the most intrepent contrarian – epidemiological investigator, battlefield “scout”, “epidemic” line vanguard.She would go out in the early morning light and come home in the early morning darkness, watching her sleeping son filled with guilt and heartache.She did not know promised to accompany children to the amusement park commitment how long can be realized, but she knew that they have more difficult mission and task, she can only give up the small home for everyone, and the epidemic race, race against time, do their best to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, just for more people from the virus threat.Yin Zhaoshun, a veteran soldier who participated in SARS, has 34 years of experience in infectious disease prevention and control.He was selected to join the epidemic control team in Laoshan District from March 14, and took part in the emergency treatment around 9 o ‘clock on The night of March 15.On the morning of 16th, I joined the Qingdao Flow investigation team and worked until 12 o ‘clock in the evening for several days.”The transfer work is the most crucial link to find the source of infection, block the transmission route and stop the spread of the epidemic in society. Although it is very tiring, I have never thought of retreating. This is my duty as a Communist Party member.”This is what Yin Zhaoshun said and did.Whether it was day or night, he was able to complete his tasks in good quality and quantity, playing an exemplary role as a Communist.Care for special groups during the epidemic.NieAnHui, patients with severe mental disorders as the management project leader, she actively during the outbreak of jurisdiction in the hospital and home heavy fine management of the patients, by phone, video, and on-site follow-up form master patients that occupy the home at any time, during the outbreak of the full implementation of the treatment of patients with management, build a village (house) to control the population.In order to ensure that patients can get timely and effective treatment during outbreaks, NieAnHui during outbreaks, according to the requirements of the higher positive statistical villages (house) in patients with drug demand, report to the superior specialized subject hospital, supervise the rural doctors in combination with follow-up for patients with demand delivery to your door, ensuring people with mental illness is not interrupted by the outbreak of drug therapy.To avoid being influenced by season and outbreak, serious mental disorders appear condition fluctuation, accident, cause an accident risk NieAnHui also for all kinds of people recommend new sunshine psychological protection class of cloud, arrangement of rural doctors one-on-one video attachment and effective psychological service, such as positive patients prevent and slow down the heavy fine condition with the effects of changes to the society.”It is everyone’s responsibility to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and create a safe and stable social environment,” Nie said.Based on their own work, nucleic acid sampling is not wrong.Since the national nucleic acid sampling was carried out in Laoshan District, Liang Congcong, Chang Hongmei and Liu Hui have taken the initiative to sign up for the national nucleic acid sampling. After Liang Congcong entrusted his two children to his family to take care of them, he devoted himself to nucleic acid sampling.Raise your hand, open the sampler, take throat swabs, wash your hands for disinfection…These are simple movements that they’ve been sampling for I don’t know how many times.Even in March, their hands turned white when they took off their gloves and began to peel after being soaked in sweat. Masks, clothes and hair were soaked with sweat, and their faces were covered with choke marks…”Everyone worked so hard, there was nothing to praise,” Liu hui said with a smile.In order to improve her work efficiency, she minimizes the time residents have to wait in line, even though her mouth is dry and she doesn’t have to take another sip of water.Although each round of sampling work is very hard, but they did not relax the requirements of daily work, every day after work, strictly according to the requirements of disinfection and ventilation measures, morning, middle and night three times of air disinfection and object surface disinfection, regular window ventilation, to ensure the safety of inoculation environment.We must guard the defense line of the epidemic and strictly control the “sentinel points” for epidemic prevention and control.Zhang Jing, who is in charge of children’s health care, overcame the difficulties of leaving her children unattended and feeling unwell at home to join the fever sentinel clinic immediately after she joined the epidemic prevention and control.The fever sentinel clinic is the most forward and sensitive “monitoring outpost”, which must strictly ensure the “closed-loop management”. She is on constant alert in the fever clinic and highly vigilant against patients with travel history and contact history in medium-high risk areas.”Every fever patient should strictly follow the diagnostic criteria issued by the state, and no suspicious patient should be omitted.”This is what Zhang Jing asked herself.The sentinel fever clinic is understaffed, so it is often a person to do the work of three people. No matter how busy and tired she is, she always smiles warmly and her eyes are full of tenderness.Health depends on life.As public health workers, they are in charge of epidemic prevention and control while ensuring basic medical care.Everyone has a variety of work, a variety of responsibilities, but never complain.They have the courage to shoulder their responsibilities and work together with their villages and communities to help win the battle against the epidemic. They firmly believe that as long as they stick to the line of defense of public health, the prevention and control work will achieve further results.(Correspondent: Qu Yun)