Harden makes the call!Nets in trade, Embiid in word, Durant in word

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The two most disappointing favorites this season are the Lakers and the Nets.Unlike the Lakers, the Nets fell from the top of the Eastern Conference to the play-off zone because of their own internal problems.The Nets are at a crossroads, of sorts.The goal set before the start of the season, in the case of a chicken feather, the possibility of achieving less and less.That’s the way it is with the Big Three. When nobody makes sacrifices and changes, problems arise.Harden makes the call!Nets in trade, Embiid in word, Durant in word.Harden has been in the firing line lately, which is what happens when big teams lose.Now Harden has made the decision that he and his team are looking for an agent.Harden, as everyone knows, has been on his own until now, with his mother as the titular agent.But now Harden needs a professional agent to handle potential trades, transfers and other situations.There are so many powerful agents in the NBA that they protect the interests of the players.Harden made the right decision to go to an agent. Let’s see how it works.The Nets need to make some trades if they don’t want to lose Harden and win him back.Of course, the Nets knew that, and they didn’t stop.According to the disclosure, the Nets joined the grant deal.But given the current state of the Nets and grant’s needs, the Nets don’t seem to have him.Grant’s need is to be the center of the team, but the Nets already have a giant.Grant also wants a high contract, and the Nets salary structure is not healthy.The Nets could change their thinking by, say, trading for some shooters, who are in short supply.The Nets need to make a move or it’s going to be tough.Philadelphia is the most likely destination for harden’s trade rumors.Embiid as Philadelphia’s core, his side of the statement is also very interesting, it seems to be to the management of the message, but also in words.Embiid said harden is a Nets player now, but who doesn’t enjoy playing with these top players?It’s also interesting to see how harden and Embiid could work together in the post, and even SHAquille O ‘Neal said harden and Embiid would be a strong pair.You don’t see that right now, though, because Harden is still in the Nets.If nothing happens before the trade deadline, this offseason could be crucial.Durant is harden and Irving’s big brother and has a huge say in the Nets.Based on the disclosures, Durant has a lot of influence in the Nets, but has not told owners or management what to do before the trade deadline. Durant still wants to play with Harden.In other words, Durant is calling the shots, but durant hasn’t spoken yet.That’s why Nash is still on the losing streak, as long as Durant doesn’t let him go, there’s no stopping him.The point here is that Durant is a top player, yes, but there is a gap between him and James in terms of his approach and intelligence to some issues.