Domestic hybrid which strong?If a Chinese car wants to overtake on a curve, why does it have to be added back to the gearbox?

2022-05-30 0 By

The past year is a period of concentrated outbreak of domestic hybrid. First of all, we can see that byd’s sales are all concentrated in hybrid, and fuel cars have sold very little.Therefore, the market in this area has also made other domestic cars eager to launch their own hybrid systems, such as Great Wall lemon DHT, Geely Raytheon DHT and Chery Kunpeng Yijia.Basically several hybrid system but this conference will make a word, is that it has more gears transmission, and have higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption, power is stronger, and will take byd DM – I system to do a comparison, all seem to than byd DM – I system more advanced, but no matter how advanced they said on the PPT of more mature,Compared with BYD’s DMI system, these systems also have a gearshift mechanism, which is commonly referred to as a gearbox.For example, Chery’s Kunpeng gearbox is even more complicated than those of its predecessors. As Miaoge said before, if a Domestic car wants to overtake in curves, it must make efforts in the aspect of new energy, which is a very important factor in this aspect.Our domestic gearbox has always been at a level that is not particularly advanced, so if we can save the gearbox, we can directly overtake in the corner.So, why did these Chinese companies add gearboxes to these systems when they could have done without them?There’s a little bit of a trick here.First round of the first issue is patent, because byd DM was among the first to do – I of the system, other enterprises want to want to bypass it, then there must be some different places, it is the most direct to variable speed mechanism, otherwise, you will get his patent licensing, still have to pay a royalty, it is not face,It’s also hard to market on the back end.So simply add back to the gearbox, so that it can sound better on the marketing side, but also bypass the patent, not kill two birds with one stone things?The second question is, after adding the gearbox, does it have any actual impact on our car?If you are more than a dozen two hundred thousand range of the car, the transmission, but data on the performance better than no more bright eye some gearbox, especially high speed this aspect, but added after gearbox for car companies, the cost will increase a lot, we all know, the more complex mechanical structure, stability, relative to the lower, subsequent problems with the maintenance cost is relatively higher.Rational, a bit does not need to run the economy and a little incentive to increase an extra shift gear, thus increasing costs, so seemingly byd this a DM – I system structure is one of the most simple, but in fact it is a relatively economic and practical a system, from the point of the follow-up, byd, the competitiveness of the system should also be more strong,Moreover, according to the prices of Great Wall lemons and BYD DM-I that have been released so far, BYD’s cost advantage still exists, and other car companies have no choice but to add back gearboxes.However, if the positioning of the car is relatively a bit higher, at present no problem under the condition of high speed motor, gearbox is indeed a differentiated positioning can be implemented, and get a better fuel economy, as well as a compromise of the experience of the power, after all, our current motor running under the condition of high speed is not much advantage of,However, with the increasing speed of the motor, I believe that the significance of the gearbox in the motor level will not be so great in the future.Third, if we want to change to a new energy car in the future, byd’s DM-I is still relatively mature at present. After all, it will sell hundreds of thousands of units in 2021, which has been tested by the market.If you want to try something new, it is suggested to wait and see a little first and compare it more. Especially in the future, the coordination and stability of the whole gearbox mechanism, whether it is so good to remove the gearbox, or whether it is better than the actual experience parameters without the gearbox, you can try.If only a bit, but increased the purchase cost, more increased the risk and cost of the car behind, for the family car, really is as simple as stable as possible, we can’t to an accidental event, sacrificing our car following a long time experience, after all take into account the vast majority of car scene, basically is a city, urban,For most people, the need for high speed is not that great.The above, is for the current domestic several mainstream car companies, have released their own hybrid system this thing, meow brother some relatively shallow views, I hope to have some practical reference value for everyone’s choice in the next year.